I’m a soil conservation technician in
the Richfield Field Office. Technicians are the front line in
assisting our cooperators in meeting their conservation objectives. When the cooperator is installing his
project, we go out on the farm and make
sure that it’s being installed to NRCS specifications. I work on center pivots, wheele lines, gated pipe
systems, concrete ditches. We also work on
flood-control and flood repair after we’ve had a major
storm. We work on range lands by installing watering facilities for livestock that
is also beneficial to the wildlife, and we work on waste management systems for our dairies and our big feedlots. In order to prepare for a technician
position with our agency, you need to have a desire to work with
conservation and people. It is one of the positions
you don’t need to have a college degree in order to come here and work. You do need to
have some classes in college -a couple of years-
but you can also use job experience if you’ve worked at a park, on a farm or ranch, and there’s a lot of
other things that qualify as experience.