For my math peeps, this is the only math equation
I will ever throw at you. 1:1, 3:3, 5:2, 7:5. Those are basically the prompts you can overlap
between Common Application and Coalition Application, saving you time, and yes, writing less. Stay tuned. Thank you for joining me on my channel for
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when I post a new video every Tuesday. There are four prompts you can use to recycle
the same exact essay for the Common Application and the Coalition application, saving you
time and grief. Hi. I’m Dr. Josie with Write Your Acceptance. With hundreds of students already in college,
and graduates by now, I know how to make them remember you and root for you. Now, let’s get to work. Prompt 1, the Identity Prompt. This essay, if you want to recycle it exactly
the same, you want to make sure that you offer some thoughtful reflection on how your identity
came to be. So, what were the aspects that helped shape
it? That kind of journey aspect of, and growth
of your identity. Okay, a student example. Female student, Hispanic, writes about debate
and how that has demonstrated, shaped her identity. She starts with a massive defeat in the debate
circuit, and then how she dedicated that summer to debate camp, and basically a job, like
a full-time job and a half, just bettering her skills. She returns to the debate circuit, and her
and her partner beat an all-state male team. As they’re coming off the stage, they hear
whispers about how they won just because they’re girls, and because they’re Hispanic, and the
judges didn’t know what to do with that. Then she starts reflecting on identity and
how she starts to learn that identity is something that can walk into a room before almost you
can, that people have assumptions, and sometimes biases about it, but the lessons that she’s
learned about this. Instead of getting upset, she pays it forward,
and now she coaches middle school all girl debate teams to kind of prep them for that
hard knock life later on, right? That it’s not always roses, but that they
have grown, and learned, and just ready to help others pave the way for an easier transition
to really shine in what she was experiencing as a male dominated space. Next prompt is 3:3. Basically, it’s on questioning a belief. You want to make sure that you establish a
cause and effect, so what you believe and then how that changed, what you learned, the
new information that you gathered, and how you learned to adapt or reframe your thinking. Sometimes students miss the mark on this one,
because they try and kind of convince the admission officers of their belief. And really, you’re trying to show a shift,
a change in that paradigm in your questioning in your belief system. So, you’re trying to show flexibility in your
belief system, but then also conviction in core values. And that kind of dance is tricky sometimes. Student example. I have student who wants to go into pediatrics
oncology one day, and so she’s always thought that cancer is way too expensive, the medications,
how can cancer medications be so expensive to the point where families can’t even afford
it for their sick babies? And so, she talks about, in a narrative form,
kind of paragraph two, as she’s walking into a hospital because she started an arts and
crafts activities game for kids with cancer. She sits down with the hospital administration,
pitching her activities, and then she starts to learn a little bit about funds, and allocating
funds, and how it’s a lot more complicated and murky than she once expected. Then she goes into how she one day wants to
go to medical school, serve this population, and I’m going to read this last line to kind
of show you how she moves a little bit in her paradigm shift, right? She vows to take her skepticism to vigilantly
ensure quality care for kids whose families can’t afford it. She no longer has this kind of one-liner. You know, there’s some kind of vigilante,
some thief stealing all this money. Why is cancer care so expensive, right? It’s much more complicated, much more gray,
and she’s kind of taking the skepticism that she had at first to really become a little
bit more informed while serving her community, and doing the arts and crafts activities for
kids. Are you stuck on your topic and how to adapt
your essay for both platforms? Comment below, I’d love to help. Next prompt is the 5:2 equation, the Accomplishment
Essay. This one is tricky, because a Common Application
is asking you to look inward, and how you grew, and what you learned, and the Coalition
Application is asking you to look outward; What contributions, what social good did you
do? And so, you want to kind of start with the
outward. You want to say something about, maybe in
story form and then reflect upon it through the critical thinking aspect, on what you
did that had tangible, social good, no matter how small. And then, low and behold, what you learned,
what was the shift inward? What did you learn, how did you grow from
it? And so then you have both. Student example. Student has a heart condition as a child,
has to have multiple surgeries, and stays in the hospital for two weeks. He maintained this kind of frustration about
having to wait for the one arcade game on his hospital floor. Now he’s in high school, he’s still maintained
as he’s grown up some relationship with that hospital and the doctors. And so, he sent out a fundraising campaign
to buy one more arcade game. Well, he starts the fundraising at school,
then kind of catapults that to the next level on social media, and he raised $75,000, and
got to buy two arcade games for that hospital floor. I can’t make this up, you guys are just agents
for change, amazing, amazing human beings. He was totally an inspiration. The last paragraph on this essay is reflecting
how doing something for someone else helped him not only grow and feel good, but also
feel powerful. Like he can actually do something, and change
the world in a small way. There is looking inward and what the social
good was, and in that balance, you have a perfect essay for both platforms. Finally, prompt 7 or 5 is the Open Topic,
and this is a total freebie. Make sure that you basically stay on track,
and I have another video on the Open Topic specifically to make sure that you have some
kind of control, some blinders, to stay on track no matter what. You don’t want to go off tangent too much,
so you want to have a centralized message. But it’s a freebie, it’s an open topic, you
can basically adapt any topic that you want to fit in here. Want more essay ideas, and topics, and templates? I have a free college essay guide to download
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