(upbeat music) – For this project we had
received some injury reports from our employees from the manual tasks that they were doing with
getting the soil samples out of the ground using
what’s called a hand auger. It was of concern to us that our employees were reporting some pain. We decided that we would look into how we could improve this manual task. So the investigation that we did was into looking at the different types of hand auger equipment
that is on the market and then seeing how we could best fit that to work for our employees. – So, initially the handle at the top was just a T-piece made out of pipe. You’d grip it with an
over-grip, like that, and you’d turn it in a clockwise motion and it puts all the strain sort of on the top of your shoulders and sort of the back to your arms. A bit of a weird motion,
especially if it’s dense soils. Then the new modified version, it’s got these bulbs on the
end, so you sort of hold it from the outside and rotate like that and it just feels a lot more normal. – Overall, the feedback’s
been quite good around the different types of hand
auger handles that we’ve had. There have been some challenges
with the different types of soils that we have to go into and the areas that we work in because we can go onto any
type of site that’s out there. This has been a really good
experience for Coffey Services, Safe Work Australia has
helped us to be able to investigate the different
types of hand auger. It is a basic tool that we have to use as part of our business. This project has really
helped for the employees to see that they can get benefit when they do report some sort of an issue from a workplace health
and safety point of view and that there will be a response. And so, I can see in the
future that our employees will be much more engaged and will be able to help us to improve our workplace health and safety. Anyone can be a Safety Champion. It’s about taking that first step.