Hey guys, so pretty much we’re gonna do a Holiday-themed capsule wardrobe that is mostly red A red Christmas capsule wardrobe so as you know, come on this is sustainable ethical fashion journey and Yeah, it’s been interesting but these are all pieces I have in my closet I’m so excited to share it with you guys. I know the holiday season is upon us Um, so first things first, let’s get to the pieces. So let us begin I have had this top probably since I would definitely have it since high school Like deep into high school and I graduated college like a year ago That’s how you know how long I’ve had this top four still looks good. So it’s beautiful it is sheer I love this top. It’s one of my favorites. Oh, yeah, by the way, I live in Florida, so we don’t really have a winter Only like two weeks of cold So not a real. I don’t know, winter and then We have one of my only sweaters I own because I live in Florida It’s a red stripe sweater. I also had this since high school But I actually really like this sweater I don’t have many red items either because I don’t care for red like that Even though everyone’s like Monique you look so pretty in red, but I love this red sweater It has like this cowl neckline and it’s fitted and it has red and black stripes and I just thoroughly Enjoy it and then one of the newest pieces to my collection is this Reformation dress It is a short dress kind of like not a mini, but not a MIDI either guess it’s like halfway for me It might be a mini. Actually. We’ll see when I put it on But I really like this dress. It’s so cute. I adore it It’s the only item that is not read But it is actually a trench dress. I decided to have it in my wardrobe because when it does get cold I need something that’s gonna keep me warm and I figure I can style it up and down we’re alone or put it over my other pieces which would probably end up happening because it is gonna eventually get cold here, but For those who follow me on instagram you probably recognize this this is a lavanidosa trench dress If you haven’t seen my Instagram you probably should But this is why the dresses I got from them and I really love it And it’s I don’t even like like print or like leopard like this But when I put it on I knew it was meant for me, you know You ever just do something like that and you’re like this is gonna be mine That’s how I felt and last but not least This jumpsuit that I’m already actually wearing This jumpsuit is so cute Has this beautiful neckline and it has a really low it has a low back which I think is just adorable. Oh my goodness I love this one. I got this one from Topshop when I did that personal styling experience One of the best experiences I’ve had in fashion That’s for sure if you guys are interested, you can read that in my blog post down below What it is Oh red would I say red like canary red bright? jumpsuit So pretty so so pretty So I really hope you guys enjoyed that video be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more if you want to see another capsule wardrobe or a holiday lookbook perhaps Hit that thumbs up button. Bye