STUDENT: The knowledge that I’ve learned is phenomenal What we learn here is amazing and I love learning and I love knowing
new things and how to help people and I really enjoyed myself here. STUDENT: I like the
hands-on training that we get. Different labs that we do different lectures you
get and we also have this year we’ve been getting different instructors so
like different guest speakers come in and so we kind of are exposed to a lot
of what in the real world is going to be like. PHARMACIST: When using techs in our daily activities in the hospital pharmacy they’re essential. They do everything that a pharmacist can do under the pharmacist’s supervision. Basically they’re our right-hand man. STUDENT: I knew pharmacy techs did a lot more than we actually understood but once you actually get into it you find that pharmacy techs do a
lot of the work that you would have expected maybe like a pharmacist or a
higher level medical professional. STUDENT: A lot of people just think “oh pharmacy techs they count pills or count medication or are behind the cash
register.” I was one of those people that thought that and there’s so
many things that you can just do.