♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ Korey Barkwell – Student: I chose Centennial because this program is one of the best programs you can find as far as labs and all their equipment that they use here, it’s all state of the art stuff. Stephen Leroux – Faculty & Program Co-ordinator: TADA is Trillion Automotive Dealers Association which is all the dealer groups, in basically
the province of Ontario who participate in sponsoring this program by hiring some of our students who will become licensed technicians. The TADA program is a two-year college diploma program. it is a six semester program, and the way it’s setup is the students will do eight months in school, they’ll go out to the workplace for a co-op placement for eight months, and then come back and do another eight months in school, and then when they finish that up they’ll go back out into the dealership and then finish off their co-op component of it. The nice thing about the TADA program is because we are associated with dealers, we give them a
full dealership experience. You’re not geared towards just being a mechanic, it’s actually geared towards every aspect in the dealership as far as management, parts, body shop all stuff like that. And we run job fairs and open houses, where some of our dealer groups come in interview our students and then if they
like what they see they will hire our students on. So, they try to set up students with an
actual job. They call it a co-op but it’s actually a
job, you’re getting paid. John Cardinale – National Service Manager BMW Group Canads: The entire industry and you know BMW just being one have many players, are constantly looking for the brightest young mind to carry on with the
new technology. People have an understanding of how an
automobile works, but this just fills in the blanks of actually what goes on in the process of how it goes on. ♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫