Hi welcome to How-to-Repair! this video is
on a CDA oven that is not heating and how to replace the fan oven element what we’re
doing is we’ve got the appliance on the test bench the customers brought the appliance
into us and complaint that the electricity had tripped in his house and after resetting
it there was no heat in the oven so we´ve quickly just wired it up on the test bench
and we set the thermostat to 100 left it run for about 10 minutes and there was no heat
in the oven this leads me to believe that it’s the fan oven element as the fan is running
and the thermostat light is coming on the first thing that needs to be done is the appliance
needs to be disconnected from the electricity I would also recommend knocking it off at
the mains or disconnecting the appliance completely from the electricity supply you can either
work in situde in its housing or you can remove the oven completely I always recommend removing
the oven and I also recommend removing the glass door to save any damage happening to
the appliance there are two clasps you can see me bending over towards the glass make
sure that they’re locked in place and by lifting the door up you will be able to get the hinges
out of their slots now the door is off remove the oven shelves and inside the oven you will
find a back panel which covers the fan and also the element this is held on with four
screws on this model some models have two screws and some have retaining bolts just
undo the screws and then the back panel will come off right while I’m doing this you’ll
find the link on this video that will take you through to the full tutorial and will
also put a link on the video which will take you through to all the CDA elements that we
have for sale and if you can’t find the element that you’re looking for your appliance please
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there we go the panel has come off now you can see some distortion at the top of the
element here and in the bottom right hand corner which is a good sign that the element
has blown but we’re going to check it with a meter in a minute there are three screws
holding this element in place one at the bottom and two on the main bracket that you can see
here once you´ve removed the two screws you´ll then have access to pull the element towards
you now on some models you will have nuts and bolts holding the element in place if
this is the case you will have to actually to remove the oven to get to rear to undo
the nuts once the element is pulled out you’ll see two wires attached to terminals just disconnect
them but make sure that they do not fallback through the back panel as you will have to
take the appliance out again to actually retrieve them. Now here you can see the element with
the distortion on both sides but what we’ll do is using an electrical meter is set it
to continuity and if the element is blown there will be no circuit in other words no
resistance at all it will be open circuit and as you can see on the meter there is no
reading at all. Do remember elements can blow in different ways you may end up with an earth
fault on the element so when you actually turning the fan oven on it trips the electricity
supply in your house or it may just trip all the time in this case you will need to replace
the element and the only way to test it properly is with the mega which most people do not
have just testing the element here so you can see the comparison between the old and
the new and now we´ll connect up the wiring and replace the element if your oven is constantly
tripping up the electricity supply it might not necessarily be the actual fan oven element
that´s at fault it could be another component or another element while I’m putting this
back in please remember to mark the website down to your favorites has we do all types
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getting the last two screws in and then we´ll reassemble the oven and I’ll also show you
how to put the door back on correctly at the website you will find other tutorials on how
to remove built-in oven’s from their housing also we´ll do videos for you on how to strip
an oven door so you can clean the glass and also for the videos on how to change a thermostat
and so on. Some of them are general not on specific models. But it will give you a good
idea how to go through the repair now when replacing this back panel it´s just an idea
to get one screw in half way and then you’ll be able to adjust the panel up or down just
to lineup the screws once you’ve got to in place it should all line up again while I’m
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us form Right! Now we´ll replace the oven shelves
now when fitting the door make sure that you
get the hinges lined up in the correct location holes and the bottom part of the hinge has
got slot in it which will sit in the retaining bracket Lift it up and down a few times before
letting the door go as to make sure it is locked in place correctly just in case you
haven’t done it correctly and then the door falls off and you could smash the glass now
we’re turning the oven on now to the fan setting. setting it up100 again wait 5-10 minutes and
you’ll see the light should go out once it reaches temperature there we go and when you
go inside the oven it’ll be nice and hot and you can actually see the element there glowing
red and it´s heating. and there you go your oven it’s fixed thanks very much for watching
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you again thanks very much indeed for watching!