At the edge of a small valley surrounded by fruit trees and beautiful scenery we discovered for you a splendid country house at an incredible price 25,000 square metres of cultivated, fertile land and an idyllic country house with agricultural facilities for lovers of rural living I don’t know who many fruit trees there are in this property but for certain there are hundreds I see mostly trees with peaches I’ve seen doughnut peaches, loquats, there really are all kinds and as I said, there are lots of trees there’s a vast amount of fruit trees it’s a small valley with an orchard full of fruit trees it really is fantastic even now in the dry season because it hasn’t rained for a long time but it’s lovely, it really is here there are apple trees there’s a little of everything I’ve noticed that there is a watering system and everything is really well looked-after I’ll say goodbye to you and as always I’ll leave you with our contact details the telephone number is +34 971 35 15 30 and our e-mail address is [email protected] Many thanks, a fond farewell, and I hope to see you in the next video