– I’m getting dumber as this unboxing goes further on. Hey guys, this is Austin. And this is a phone. Or is it a computer? Or is it both? So, this is the HP Elite x3. If you guys saw my Cool
Phones of 2016 video I did, this is one of the phones
that I was really excited to check out, however,
it is taking a long time to actually go on sale. It might be the biggest
phone box of all time. Actually, why is this so big? So this is a Windows 10 phone, however, instead of just being an
ordinary Windows phone, Ah! So, first of all, we have the actual HP Elite x3 iteself. And as you can see, this
is a very big phone. We also have the dock. Which is really heavy, what? So this is a USB-C
dock, so what you do is, you drop your phone on this guy. So around back, we have USB Type-C, a couple of USB 3 ports, a full-size DisplayPort, and Ethernet. The idea is, is that this is a phone that you take around all day, of course it does all
the normal phone things, when you get home, you drop it on the dock, and it essentially replaces your computer. So something interesting is, in addition to this dock, there’s also an option that essentially turns this phone into a laptop. They’re actually doing some
really cool stuff here, which is interesting
given that Windows Phone is maybe not the most
popular that it’s ever been. So, fair warning on this
guy, it does not come cheap. Although it does come with
some very stylish earbuds. Now, continuing on, because
I’ve got to imagine there’s, Yeah, there’s a couple things left. A pile of paperwork on the dock, which apparently they
gave me two of everything in case I was unsure of how to use a dock. What else is in here? So we have a dock for the dock? Oh, why? These are the exact same except
one has a larger cut out. How dare you. Um, there’s another one. Wait, but this looks the same. Oh, wait, it says on the
inside, it says on the inside. So, this is for the phone, this is for the phone with a case, and this is for the phone
with a flip-cover case. I totally didn’t need
to read the instructions to find that out. And we also have a
mysterious black box here. I swear if this is going
to be another adapter for the stupid dock. It’s another adapter. Now it’s time for the real test. Does this crazy dock actually work? So, right now I have it plugged in so it’s powering the phone. However, I want to actually
see what we can do here. So first of all, we have a keyboard. I’ll plug this right into the back of it. I also have a mouse. Actually, I’m curious. Can I use keyboard and mouse
without, uh, anything else? Oh, I have a cursor. Alright, I got to admit,
that’s kind of cool. The scroll wheel works. Open up Edge. This is the world’s weirdest desktop ever. So everything’s plugged into the dock, now if I drop the phone on do I see a welcome screen? I don’t know, do I? Hello! Alright, so now my
mouse is on the display. Oh okay, so now if I want,
the phone is a touchpad. So even though this is
a Windows 10 device, it does not actually run full Windows 10, it’s still running the phone edition, so not all apps are going to work. So, we get the full
desktop version of YouTube. Can we actually watch a video like this? Yeah, there we go. You know, it almost feels
like I’m using, like, a Chromebook or something. It’s a little bit slower
than like a proper computer. But it works. I mean, it’s scrolling is fairly smooth. There’s maybe a touch of
latency, but really I mean, for normal sort of like web browsing, it seems to be fine. Uh, let’s see what else we can do here. So, even though this is not
a full Windows 10 device, you can still do some cool stuff. Hey guys this is Austin. That totally works. I guess you see something like Word being a really solid use of this, right? So, if you don’t want to travel
with a lot of extra gear, and while the apps are not quite as, well, full-featured as I would like, I mean, we still have basic stuff like web browsing and we
can go through and alt-tab and the idea of using one device to do everything in your
life is really cool. I see a lot of potential in something like this in a few years, as things get more and more polished. But for today, it’s not quite there. Don’t judge me.