– This is pretty much what it’s like filming Omakase, right? The holiday season is upon us. So, everyone asks, hey,
Thanksgiving’s here. What interesting thing should
I do instead of a turkey? This is a turducken. It’s a chicken inside of
a duck inside of a turkey. We’re gonna try it and see if we can come up
with a version of our own. I read the directions this morning. It suggests slicing it lengthwise. – Really?
– Yeah. – Okay, I see what’s goin’ on here. – This is all sausage.
– Yeah. – [Brent] It’s not a f****** turducken. – No, it is a turducken, but I guess this is what a turducken is. I never knew. – Just stuffin’ sausage in things. Well, we’re good at that. – Yeah, we can definitely
stuff sausage in things. This is a lot easier than
I thought it was gonna be. – [Brent] I don’t know what’s what, but in your world of beige
meats, they’re all here. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Oh, that really, flavor-wise,
bounced around a lot. – While simultaneously going nowhere. – I think it was all the dry spices, which are not that great. Then you get the poultry, great. – I wouldn’t say great, no, f***. Oh, man. If this is a turducken, how
do you wanna do it better? – I just assumed it would be the chicken up against duck meat up against
turkey meat, but then, yeah, that wouldn’t really hold together at all. You need something in there
to kinda bind it all together. We might have to make a sausage during this. This might get a little bit more complicated – Dammit! Thought we were getting out of work early today.
– Yeah Alright, I think we need
some other opinions here. – Let’s get a team together,
talk about what we can do. – See if we can get some staff, maybe a customer or two.
– Outside opinion. – Yeah, okay. – We got our panel;
Solasie, Lorenzo, Michael. We’re gonna do our own version,
so what are your thoughts? We want you guys to try this, too. – We have six tiny birds, but we were thinking of either putting pork andouille in there
or we would have to make our own chicken sausage
from scratch really quick as a stuffing between each layer. – From a texture point of view, I feel like pork andouille
would go better with that ’cause the turkey in this… Are you doing turkey? Because it feels like it would dry. – No turkey, we’re taking
the turkey out of it. – The biggest bird we got is a duck. – Is a duck?
– Oh. With the duck, it’s different story. We can put some intestine
of the bird, you know, like liver, heart, everything
put together, put some spice. – I think we’re actually
gettin’ somewhere now. This actually sounds pretty good. – I actually like the idea of using offal. I’m a big advocate of
using offal in general. – So, we’re putting the inside of the bird back inside of the bird. – Back inside, back inside. – Lorenzo, thank you. Michael, thank you.
– Appreciate it. – Solasie, thank you.
– Thank you, guys. – Let’s make a cool offal, like a poultry offal
liver sausage on the fly and see how it turns out. – I’ll get to de-bonin’. We’ve got a quail, we’ve got a squab. We have a pheasant, a cornish hen, a guinea hen, and a big f*****’ duck. – I’m gonna have to do some quick research on gizzards going into a sausage. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never thought about it before. The livers we’ll definitely use, and the hearts we will definitely use. And honestly, Lorenzo was pretty dead on. I think we should use a
decent amount of onion, a decent amount of garlic, and then I think we’re
just gonna go through whatever fresh herbs we have. I kinda think we should
just do all poultry sausage. You wanna put a layer of
andouille in there, though? – [Brent] I think so. I think it’s gonna taste good. – It is weird how I can go from really really hating this project and having to eat a
turducken to being just like, now I’m really excited to
make a gizzard sausage. – This is the guinea hen. You know when you go to a farm and there’s those spotted
things running around and chasing one another making
really ridiculous sounds? That’s a guinea hen. – Alright, I have my recipe. Let’s start putting this together. Salt, black pepper, cayenne, mustard. – I’m already so tired of doing this. (grinding) – So, we’ll take the garlic and the onion, we’ll grind that through with the sausage just to get it really
really well mixed in. So, that’s the hearts, gizzards, and livers of all five birds. – We are onto number three, the squab. Let me tell you, it’s just as fun to debone
as the other two were. A game bird is really
anything you would hunt. So, unless you hunt chicken, which is kind of an unfair hunt… – Most hunting’s being
on a level-playing field. (laughing) Squab, you have chosen the spear. So shall I. We should see who now will win! This is actually nice. You can see the bits of offal,
still have some definition. It’ll all mix in nice. And I added another ingredient
call sodium tripolyphosphate, which is essentially like
a binder, same as salt, but when it’s mixed with salt, they both become super binders together. So, hopefully that’ll make it really really stick together well. – Wow, this is so much
more of a pain in the ass than I imagined it would be. Duck, let’s start here. I’m thinking we might have
to skip the guinea hen because I’d rather have the pheasant. I love that this is the smaller, more modest version of a turducken. – I think we fell into
the trap of the turducken where it’s like, it’s already
this ridiculous experiment… Kind of like, the turducken
is a Frankenstein. We scoffed at it and then we were like, but let’s add more animals. Now, I’m not a very religious person, but this might be one that I
get stopped at the gates for. It’s like, you once
stuffed birds inside birds. – They were not meant for this. – That is not why birds were there. Do you wanna just put one
of the legs on each side? And I think we’re done. – Alright, so now we have a quail, squab, pheasant inside of a duck. You wanna sew this sucker up? My mother’s a home ec teacher, so I’m gonna use the old double knot. – I have to say, I did not
know you could do this. Dude, this is an impressive sewing job. We’re gonna salt this mammer jammer. – I have absolutely no idea
how long this is gonna take. Set the oven for 300. – Okay, that seems reasonable. – So it slowly cook
through all of these birds. – Set a timer for, what do you wanna say, 60 minutes and we’ll check it?
– Yeah. – Whoa! They remade Cliffhanger
and there’s a trailer out. – And about two and a half
hours later, here we are. This is a smell of smells. Nauseatingly delicious or
maybe just slightly nauseating. – [Ben] I can’t tell anymore. – [Brent] It’s very rich. Here we go. Well, it slices like a meatball. – Back the f*** up! – (laughs) And the smell
doesn’t get any less intense by slicing into it. I gotta say, I’m pretty proud of it. – Now that we’ve made it, it makes sense that all the
force meat in the turducken was in the middle because that’s where most of your layering is happening. So, that totally makes sense. I mean, a smell… You get a little bit of organ meat, you get a little bit of
the, definitely some onion, which went into the andouille. – I’m trying to figure out what’s what. Duck, guinea hen. – I think our squab, the breast is buried under the force meat. I think this down here
is gonna be our quail ’cause we put the two
legs down at the bottom. When in Rome, Pennsylvania. – The duck is very good. – It’s not bad. The andouille goes a long way,
and it is actually kind of… You get a little bit of that
irony flavor from the organs, which is crazy because we
used five pounds of sausage. Half a pound was organ meat, but it just comes through
just a little bit. It’s nice. – God dammit. – I still hate it. – (sighs) But it’s really good. – It’s not really good, it’s acceptable. – I’m still gonna roast a turkey because I don’t have eight hours to burn before Thanksgiving. But if I had nothing to do, I just might actually
make this stupid thing. – No, really?
– Yeah. – See what I have to live with here? I don’t think this has
helped me to understand why turducken exists any better. – On its own, turkey,
duck, chicken, all great. – Love ’em. – They don’t need to be together. – No. – The sum is definitely
not greater than its parts. So, take your time, make each of them excellent
in their own right. – We did this so you don’t have to. And let us remind you again, we will never make this for you. – Unless there’s a
country home in it for us. – We did another dumb thing. – That’s how you waste a day. – But we did it pretty well. Prime Time. – So, this is like a football of meat, but if you like the football of football, check out our friends at SB Nation. (quacking)