Graphic Of Sign “Reel In and Recycle” U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service Emblem Animation Opening scenes of people building fishing line recycle bins from pvc pipe parts. US Fish and Wildlife Service Director Ashe: We’re here at BoatUS putting together monofilament (fishing line)recycling containers to help clean America’s waterways, and do
great things for fish, and getting the support of the boating community which is a a part the great partnership that we have in conservation in the United States. So I’m here with Margaret and all the folks at BoatUS. We have NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration),we have the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the (U.S.)Fish and Wildlife Service. So great partnership here putting these things together, mailing them around to partners all over the country. Podlich: Agencies and non-profits coming together to clean up the waterways. Great day! Ashe: It is a great day !
Podlich: It’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Susan Shingledecker, BoatUS Foundation: Discarded fishing line that ends up in the environment lasts hundreds and hundreds of years. And in that time, it can entangle wildlife, entangle boat propellers, and cause real serious damage to the environment. So we’re here to try and keep monofilament fishing line out of the environment and have disposed of properly. These bins, we’re building 600 of them today, will be shipped out to groups around the country– country. Everyone from marine owners to volunteer groups, Clean Marina programs, national wildlife refuges. And they are installed right at the water’s edge to make it easy to dispose of your line properly. Kate Naughten, NOAA: It’s a great event. NOAA is here today because recreational fishing is so important to the U.S.. And these bins are going to really help keep the monofilament out of the water. They are going to help protect the resource, encourage people to be good stewards, and those are all good things. Also, NOAA is supportive of partnerships. And this is such a great partnership. And it’s been fun meeting some new people here today. Dissolve shots of PVC pipe supplies disappearing.
Partners gather in group and throw up gloves and rags as they finish. “Whoo-hoo!”
Text: 600 recycle bins built!! Ending graphic of “Reel In and Recycle” with partner logos. Text: To learn how you can build a monofilament line recycle bin: