hey youtube today we’re gonna be doing a
328 2008 BMW brake light reset there’s a lot of videos that have all kinds of
crazy stuff opening doors and pushing buttons and hitting the brake and
honestly they’re all wrong this is a 2008 328i pretty simple
procedure and it’s gonna work for me so as you can see it’s saying the service
lights on so and if I start the car you see that it says brakes the brake light
so anyways I put on new pads and then I went ahead and put the new sensors on
and the light is still on so the first step is to put the key in the ignition
hit the start/stop button but don’t actually start the car
then this service panel lights up wait till the beeping it’s done and now this
is key you’re gonna hit the BC button until the time and mileage
is displayed on the dash this is very important so you see the time in mileage
right here then you hold the odometer reset button down until you get the
yellow triangle release then hit the BC button one time you get the reset flag
and then you hit and hold the reset button one two three
started resetting setting boom that’s at YouTube that’s
the proper way to reset a 3:28 2008 brake light