Hello everyone ! January the 22nd, the draft bill about reform of retreats will be presented in council minister. “The reform of retreats i had promised to do, and which is presented by the governement, will be completed. Because it’s a project of justice and social progress.” Considering Emmanuel Macron’s inflexibility, the strikes movements are stronger than ever. Tuesday, the 7th, trade unions and social partners will begin their consultation with the governement. They aim to get the withdrawal of the “pivot” age which is fixed to 64 years old. However, on January the 1st, another event didn’t go unnoticed… An important character figured among the 2020 Legion of Honor’s cohort : Jean-François Cirelli. Ex concillor of president Jacques Chiract, this man is especially the president of Blackrock’s funds in France since January 2016. “Blackrock” : does this name mean something to you ? “We have high ambitions for France in the future. “Will you increase more ? Invest more in France, in the following months ?” – Yes ! The point in that reform of retraits is not only the merger of 40 different systems of retreat in a single one, neither it is the transformation of our pay-as-you-go pension system in a system, into a funded pension schemes, like in USA. “But the basic idea is to say “think about your retirement”, and instead of thinking “I’ won’t have enough money”,” starting to save up is a better idea.” This reform of retreats highlights a reality, which rules our society since the French Revolution, and was denunced by the historian Beau de Loménie in his essay, “The bourgeois dynasties”, and which constitutes the core of our current system, so to say, modern democracy. It is the influence or the power excerced by high finance on our institutions. “My only compass is and will be our country’s interest.” One didn’t talk much about this aspect of the reform, because it didn’t concern most of people, at first sight, but only 300 000 citizens : the high rankings. Those who earn more than 10 000 € per month. The governement intends to spare money, in limiting the pensions which are payed to them. These high rankings currently pay contributions up to 28,12 % like everyone, on their whole earnings. However, when this reform will come into effect, their contributions will be limited to 120 000 € per year, so to say 10 000 € per month. They won’t no longer pay any contributions on their excess income, but a “solidarity tax” up to 2,81 %. So, up to 10 000 € earned per month, those contributions won’t open any rights for a pension. In order to maintain a good living and to complete their lower pension paid by the State, these high rankings will be forced to invest part of their income in some investment management corporations in order to get a pension. Blackrock is the first global multinational, which finances most of pension funds. His funder is Laurence Fink, called Larry Fink. The pensions are administered by an insurer.