Ok, so we’re on this really beautiful walk of these amazing wetlands This seems to be a track where people drive down and they just dump all their rubbish. There’s a lot of plastic which we know is the worst for the environment and it’s all just been dumped here. We have flamingoes over there, there’s herons, we’ve seen pelicans and it’s just a beautiful spot but.. I don’t know why they do this. Ok, so there is all this rubbish but I also happen to find this bike which apart from it needs a new tube, it’s a perfectly good bike. so we’re going to recycle this and we’re going to use it for the winter when we’re here then someone else can have it. Mum can I keep it? yeah, you can keep it! This bike’s coming with us, I’m going to fix it. Warning thieves. There’s been a lot of bike thefts around here. We don’t really know which ones are going to hold or not but that’s the exciting part about it. So we’ve just walked from the island of Lefkada over to mainland Greece. We’ve walked through the wetlands, over the rickety bridge, and despite all that rubbish, we have got to this really beautiful beach. Renxy’s Bike Repair Shop! These bikes hadn’t really been used I think the guy just had them on the boat and hadn’t used them very much but we’ve been using them every day. So, what’s happened is the tires have split and the inner tube’s split as well, so I’ve just gone off and bought new inner tubes, new tires Also they got quite rusty so I’ve sprayed them up a bit and made them look nice. So this is the bike we found dumped in the bush. and I’ve bought a new wheel and a new inner tube, so that we can maybe use it. So we’ll all have a bike to go cycling. We’ve got two bikes that were on the boat and we’ve found two bikes so two bikes have been renovated for the rest of the winter. I’ve fixed up these two bikes that were in the bush before. So we dragged them out and fixed them up. And two bikes that we had on the boat were also falling apart so I got new inner tubes and tires and resprayed them and fixed them up. So we look really cool. It was probably about €50 to fix them all up altogether.