A bathroom vanity light gives your
bathroom personality and when it’s time for a change, it’s easy to replace. Here’s
how to do it: first, find the perfect light for your space from the wide
variety of choices at the Home Depot. Now, gather these tools and supplies. Step one is always safety. Turn off the power source by shutting off the breaker. Now, remove the existing fixture. First, take out the bulbs, remembering to wear
gloves if the bulbs are hot. Unscrew the retaining screws and take down the
shades. Remove the suspending screws or nuts from the outer portion of the
fixture to slip off the cover and expose the wiring. Use the volt pin to double
check that the power is off then carefully remove the wire nuts. Many
fixtures also have a wall bracket that will need to be removed by extracting
the screws that attach it to the electrical box. Now, slip the wires
through the new wall bracket and secure the mounting bracket to the electrical
box with the supplied screws. Ensure that the wall bracket is level. Once the wall
bracket is secure, reconnect the wiring. In most cases there will be a bare
ground wire. Twist a small loop in the bare ground wire and loop it around the
grounding screw and tighten. Using your fingers twist the two black wires
together then place a wire nut over the braided wires and turn clockwise to
secure. Repeat the procedure for the white wire. After the wiring is completed,
place the outer portion of the fixture onto the wall bracket and secure. Then,
attach the new shades onto the fixture. Next, install the bulbs and turn the
breaker back on. Finally, flip the light switch to the on position to make sure
everything is working properly. That’s it! Enjoy your new light and thank you for
shopping at the Home Depot!