Ohh! (Walt)
Oh, my (bleep) God! Okay! Why you looking like
Tinkerbelle just escaped jail? I wanna dress nice,
feel good, and just be okay. She’s a man killer now. Watch your step. Oh, (bleep), Pum!
What’s good, bro? Oh, (bleep).
Yo, who’s the cutie? Does Quani know
you got a new girlfriend? This is London.
She’s a new hire
and she’s starting today. I bought her here because
she’s helped me with some events and stuff
at Arts and Ink, so I think she would be
the perfect event coordinator
for Black Ink. (Ceaser)
Well, well, well,
Puma did tell me we wanted to bring
an events coordinator, but he didn’t tell me
that she was kind of cute. Okay, Puma, you are making
some great-ass moves. If you ask me, that’s 50%
well-spent, baby! Let me meet London.
How you doing, Miss London? There you go,
that’s Ceaser. Oh, she got an aggressive
handshake too. Right. Well, she does look like
she can hold it down. Well, I agree,
she look good. Thank you. But… I’ve seen this before. What? When Kitty comes back,
she’s not gonna have her job. (Puma)
Bae, what are you
talking about?
Nobody’s replacing Kitty. How could you say that?
I don’t think you understand
how this shop runs. I don’t think
you understand. What? You confused! Puma says she’s
the event coordinator. Kitty’s the brand ambassador. Don’t sound like
the same job to me. If London can bring something
to the brand, then I don’t really understand
when you’re beefing about, but… it’s quite
turning me out. I feel like you’re just
trying to replace Kitty. How insensitive. That is my partner! You can’t be telling him
who to put in and who can’t– No, I’m gonna tell him
to shut the (bleep) up
when I need to. What?! What the (bleep)
is wrong with Bae? She sounds like she’s
going through breakup brain. You know,
when people break up, and they make up random
(bleep) in their head and yell at everybody
for now (bleep) reason. You are
bugging right now! You’re bugging
the (bleep) out
right now! Well, what’s the problem? You’re the problem. These guys are
full of (bleep), ’cause everybody knows
Kitty does all the events at Black Ink. I smell bull(bleep). Time out.
Can I say something? Look, I am
an events coordinator, but I’m also
a certified therapist, and I feel there are bigger
issues going on with you, Bae. I don’t feel like it’s… The bigger issue is– Like, it’s more toward me,
or maybe there’s something… No, no, no, this has
nothing to do with you. Maybe I can help you. Can I talk to Puma? But I wanna help– Can I talk to Puma? Bitch, go (bleep) yourself. You’re so (bleep) stupid! Ceaser, this is
the (bleep)
I be talking about! What the (bleep)
is wrong with her, yo?