Good afternoon welcome to G.I. B.I. beta testing facility Thank you for your time as a volunteer Meet your doctor our first fully functional AI clinician Every test today will be safe and painless total time for your test is 16 minutes, thank you Hello Is this your first time in our facility? Very well I would like to record some personal information about you Is that ok with you? Thank you Could you please tell me your first and last legal name? May I please have your address of residence? What is your date of birth? What is your insurance provider? Do you have any health conditions? Do you have any allergies? Do you smoke or drink alcohol? How often do you drink alcohol? What brings you in here today? Very good do you mind if I perform some tests? Thank you First I need to remove any debris from your hospital gown So that my sensors do not get confused Please hold out your arms Your torso Your legs Thank you now I am putting on gloves for sanitation I am going to prepare a small solution for you to drink It is in order for me to communicate With the organs inside your body Have you had this type of solution before? Very well do you prefer strawberry or cherry? A painless allergy test will be administered before consumption Please hold out your forearm I’m going to sanitize the area I will wipe the area down You are now ready for the allergy test Please hold out your forearm May I inspect? No allergic reaction detected you are safe to drink Please drink the solution While we wait for the solution to settle I will check your reflexes Your left arm You’re right arm Good your right knee Your left knee Now I will test the nerves in your brain This device will tell me some crucial information as well as feel quite pleasant I will now perform a brief body scan is that okay? Thank you And behind The solution you consumed reacted well to my body scan You will find the results After the rest of this examination Everything looks wonderful, I would like to take some measurements of you now if that is okay Please straighten your right leg Please straighten your left leg Very good, thank you for the measurements Finally I’m going to dim the lights Please follow the beam as I inspect your eyes System reset Very good Thank you very much Your testing is complete you may return to the lobby when you are ready where your results will be waiting for you Have a great day