Hello, my name is Claire I’m a global support center engineer at ASML I’ve been working in ASML for 7 years As a GSC engineer what we do on a daily basis is to support our local teams in solving complex technical problems of the machines Every morning we diagnose issues that are passed down from the GSC U.S. and then we provide remote data analysis and escalation support to the CS Organization ASML’s worldwide offices escalate the most difficult issues to GSC every day We deliver the effective diagnosis to solve ASML equipment issues Running with close teamwork between AS/EU/NA 3 continental GSCs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week We will pass down the progress of each issue clearly and completely to the Netherlands GSC by the end of the day Whether it is for training or onsite support urgent technical traveling is essential to GSC and sometimes even on the day we receive a critical issue We need to urgently fly out for problem solving at a customer’s site GSC’s ambition is to solve the issue within 8-working-hours If the issue can’t be solved in an agreed timeframe we will pass on the results of the progress and analysis to Netherlands GSC so that they can continue on supporting the local team I really enjoy my job because our machines are so complex there are so many things to learn To me, this kind of job is very challenging. If you like solving complex problems under certain time and pressure You have the courage to communicate with foreigners and accept urgent travel You are welcome to join the ASML GSC family