This video discusses the new “Compatibility”
panels incorporated into a pair of Dialogs within the “IFC Translators” Dialog of
ARCHICAD. Let us activate the “File… Interoperability… IFC… IFC Translators” menu command to open the
“IFC Translators” Dialog. In previous versions, the “Geometry Conversion”… … and “Data Conversion” Dialogs already included a “Compatibility” panel that
checks whether settings in Presets are compatible with IFC Model View Definitions. In ARCHICAD 23, this “Compatibility” panel
is incorporated into 2 additional Dialogs. Select an Export Translator in the left pane
of the Dialog, then click the “Ellipsis” button of the “Type Mapping” field on the right. The “Type Mapping for IFC Export” Dialog
opens, which now includes a “Compatibility” panel as well. ARCHICAD includes separate Presets for both IFC2X3… and IFC4. Since the IFC Entity Structures of the two
Schemas are not the same, a Preset may be used with either one or the other Schema and
its Model View Definitions. The “Compatibility” panel provides information
on whether all settings in the given Preset are compatible with the Model View Definitions. The green “Checkmark” icon next to the
name of a Model View Definition means that all settings in that Preset are compatible
with that Model View Definition, while a “Warning” icon means that it is not compatible and should be corrected to ensure compatibility. When a Model View Definition is selected in
the panel’s list, an “Info” button appears in its row. Clicking it brings up an information message
that either says that the Preset is compatible with the selected Model View Definition, or
it gives the list of incompatibilities that need to be corrected to ensure the Preset
is compatible. Using this information, you can modify the
mapping values from Classification entries to IFC Types and IFC Type Products. The second Dialog to incorporate the “Compatibility”
panel is the “Model Filter for IFC Export” Dialog. The panel works the same way as in other Dialogs. This panel also includes the “Override Settings
to Ensure Compatibility” button. If you click it, settings of the current Preset
will be modified to ensure compatibility. In our example, the “All 3D elements”
Preset is selected at the top of the Dialog. In the “Compatibility” panel, the icons show
that the Preset is compatible with all Model View Definitions, except the “Reference View”
Model View Definition of the IFC4 Schema. By clicking the “Info” button in the “Reference
View” row, we are informed that the “Lines, Texts, Labels, Fills” checkbox should be
unchecked to ensure compatibility, since it is currently checked, while the IFC4 Reference
View does not allow any annotations. Clicking the “Override Settings to Ensure
Compatibility” button will uncheck the checkbox and give an info message about the performed
change. After clicking the “OK” button, we can
see that the checkbox is indeed unchecked and there is a green checkmark icon next to
the “Reference View” item on the list, indicating that settings in the Preset are
now compatible with this Model View Definition of the IFC4 Schema.