For many years God sent His prophets
to warn His people in Jerusalem that their city would be destroyed
because of their apostasy. Isaiah was one of the first
to warn of coming judgment. The prophet who spoke more
about Jerusalem’s destruction than any other was Jeremiah,
the prophet of doom. For 40 years he bore witness to the
truth in a time of unparalleled apostasy. He was hated, rejected, and persecuted, yet the words he spoke
were the words of God. While a captive in Babylon, Ezekiel also predicted in
graphic details the destruction and slaughter of Jerusalem’s inhabitants. Ezekiel made very plain the folly
of trusting the false predictions of those who were causing
the captives to hope for an early return to Jerusalem. In 586 B.C., the day of
judgment finally arrived. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon took
the city and leveled it to the ground, carrying all the gold and silver and
all remaining Jews into captivity. The word of God was finally fulfilled. The abominations that filled
the land were finally removed. For My People Ministry Presents Apostasy in Our Midst Episode 12 – Revival & Reformation You know Isabel, from what
we have shown in this series, Ellen White was right when she said, “The church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of God is not in her midst.” Yes, and it’s a terrible
condition to be in because most people don’t realize
they are so destitute. That’s true. It reminds me of
the condition of the people just before Jerusalem was
destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. How’s that? Well, the people back then felt secure
because they were God’s people. They didn’t think God would allow
the Babylonians to destroy His city, a place called by His name. But it was destroyed. Yes, it was. The people’s false sense of
security emboldened them to commit abominations that caused
those faithful to God to sigh and cry. History is repeating itself, this time
in the Seventh-day Adventist church. You know Ernie, God warned His
people that destruction was coming but they refused to believe the warning. I wonder whether this has
any implications for us today. It sure does. Do you think we should look at
these issues in this last episode? Isabel, I think that would be a great
way to bring this series to an end. Why don’t you look into what
the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy says about the condition of the
church prior to the close of probation, and I’ll look into the current
call for revival and reformation and the shaking of the church. Perhaps we can finish with a special, symbolic event to show what needs
to happen, and what will happen. Now, that sounds interesting! Care to elaborate on the event? You will see. In 1873, Ellen White wrote
Testimony Number 23, “The Laodicean Church.” It can be found in Testimonies
for the Church, Volume 3, beginning on page 252. She begins by saying: “The message to the church of the
Laodiceans is a startling denunciation, and is applicable to the people
of God at the present time.” In previous episodes, we have
seen how the Seventh-day Adventist church is still in this Laodicean condition. Unfortunately, the church has not improved. Like ancient Israel, it has
gradually become worse. Today there’s very little difference between Seventh-day Adventists and
the fallen denominations. In the same chapter in Testimonies for
the Church, Volume 3, Ellen White wrote: “Sin prevails among the people of God. The plain message of rebuke to
the Laodiceans is not received. Many cling to their doubts and
their darling sins while they are in so great a deception as to talk and
feel that they are in need of nothing. They think the testimony of the
Spirit of God in reproof is uncalled for or that it does not mean them. They lack almost every qualification
necessary to perfect Christian character.” This is a deplorable state to be in. The problem with God’s last day church is that people cannot
discern their true condition. They have become confused between what is right and wrong, truth and error. Consequently, they are unable to
form a perfect Christian character, which is so essential. Ellen White wrote: “All must perfect Christian
character for themselves. If we have no interest to avail
ourselves of the benefits provided at such an immense cost, our retribution will have been justly earned. The Laodicean message presents
Jesus as a patient and loving Savior. He points out our faults and
encourages us to accept His counsel. But He also tells us that
if we refuse His warning, He will spew us out of His mouth. “God will prove His people. Jesus bears patiently
with them, and does not spew them out of His mouth in a moment. Said the angel: ‘God is
weighing His people.'” For many years Jesus has
been weighing His people. He sends them warnings to see
whether they will accept them. Back in Testimonies for the
Church, Ellen White wrote: “But the message of the True
Witness reveals the fact that a terrible deception is upon our people, which makes it necessary to
come to them with warnings, to break their spiritual slumber, and
arouse them to decided action.” When God’s people reject His warnings, there is nothing else He
can do but send judgments. We saw an example of these
judgments take place in 1902, with the burning of the Battle Creek
Sanitarium and Review and Herald office. “I am instructed that those who
follow on in a wrong course, regardless of the lessons
taught by the burning of the Sanitarium and the
Review and Herald office, are revealing the stubbornness of Pharaoh. They are refusing to be admonished
by the judgments of Heaven, and are pressing on without realizing that these things call them to
search their hearts closely and humble themselves before God. Unless they repent, the Lord
will surely repeat His judgments, as He repeated them to the king of Egypt. God bears long with the perversity of men. He sends them decided
reproofs and clear light, but if they will not receive
the warnings of God, if they persist in following their
own will, their own impulses, the Lord will send His
judgments and will not pardon their persistent determination to
be like the people of the world.” Because God is so patient and loving, He sends small judgments at first, but if His people refuse to accept the
lesson taught by these judgments, He will send more severe judgments, just like He did with Jerusalem
in days of Jeremiah. God has sent warnings to His
people through Ellen White, but neither church leaders nor
members have heeded the counsels. Some of the problems we have
talked about in this series include: The acceptance of new
theology over true theology. The everlasting gospel
has been watered down, until it is no different from the false
gospel taught by other denominations. The Bible is no longer taken as it reads. Higher criticism denies a literal six-day
creation of this world and everything on it. The church has put aside the
Holy Spirit’s leading in three General Conference Sessions where
women’s ordination was rejected. Now the unity of the church
is threatened and the authority of the Scriptures
is being undermined. The issue of homosexuality
is following close on the heels of women’s
ordination, as it uses the same arguments, which
undermine the Scriptures. The Spirit of Prophecy
has been made of none effect by many Seventh-day Adventists. The church is involved in
ecumenism, which seeks to unite all the world’s religions under
the leadership of the pope. God is no longer worshiped
according to the principles given in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Instead, Seventh-day Adventist churches
are unknowingly worshiping Satan. Throughout the last decade, spiritualism
steadily crept into the church. By means of mystical meditation,
people are learning how to “get in touch with God” in their hearts. Many of our hospitals are no
different to their worldly counterparts. The true way of healing
is no longer practiced. Our hospitals are no longer avenues for
teaching the three angels’ messages. Some of them even promote New Age
philosophies, like meditation and yoga. Even our educational
system has not escaped the corrupting influence of
the Laodicean condition. In many of our schools, children are
being educated to love the world, instead of being taught how
to get ready for heaven. Of course, there is a lot more wrong
with the church than these issues. We have only mentioned
the most obvious ones. What has the church come to? Does anybody care anymore? Continuing in Testimonies for the
Church, Volume 3, Ellen White writes: “The people of God
must see their wrongs and arouse to zealous repentance and a putting away of those sins
which have brought them into such a deplorable condition
of poverty, blindness, wretchedness, and fearful deception. I was shown that the pointed
testimony must live in the church. This alone will answer to the
message to the Laodiceans. Wrongs must be reproved,
sin must be called sin, and iniquity must be met
promptly and decidedly, and put away from us as a people.” At the age of 8, Josiah inherited a
kingdom that was in deep apostasy. His father, Amon, and his
grandfather, Manasseh, had led Judah into such
abominable practices that only severe judgments
could remedy the situation. Early in his reign, Josiah sought to do that which was right in the sight of the Lord. At the age of 12, he began to
remove the altars of Baalim. When he was 25, the book of
the law was found in the temple. It had been lost since
the days of Manasseh. “As the king read the
prophecies of swift judgment upon those who should persist in
rebellion, he trembled for the future. The perversity of Judah had been great; what was to be the outcome
of their continued apostasy?” Alarmed by what he read, Josiah sought word from Huldah the prophetess. Could the judgments of God be averted? “Through Huldah the
Lord sent Josiah word that Jerusalem’s ruin could not be averted. Even should the people now
humble themselves before God, they could not escape their punishment. So long had their senses been
deadened by wrongdoing that, if judgment should not come upon them, they would soon return
to the same sinful course.” Because of his humiliation and promptness in seeking forgiveness and mercy, Josiah was comforted with the
words that the coming judgments would not take place during his reign. “But in announcing the retributive judgments of Heaven, the Lord had not withdrawn opportunity
for repentance and reformation; and Josiah, discerning in this a
willingness on the part of God to temper His judgments with mercy, determined to do all in his power
to bring about decided reforms.” Josiah was so determined to bring
about a revival and reformation that: “In the reformation that followed,
the king turned his attention to the destruction of every
vestige of idolatry that remained.” Josiah managed to avert
God’s judgments for a time, but only because the reform movement
he led was a genuine reformation. Today, church leaders are talking about revival and reformation, but is it genuine? On July 3, 2010, Ted
Wilson, the newly-elected General Conference President, gave his inaugural speech to the delegates of the 59th General Conference Session in Atlanta. Wilson reminded the
delegates that we are God’s peculiar people and that our
mission is to “lift up Christ, His righteousness, His three
angels’ messages of Revelation 14, and His soon coming.” He spoke of the significance of the Sabbath, of justification and sanctification, and the Spirit of Prophecy. He specifically singled out
The Great Controversy. He warned against spiritual
formation that is rooted in mysticism with such practices as “contemplative
prayer, centering prayer, and the emerging church movement
in which they are promoted.” He also warned against accepting
any form of evolution that denies the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Wilson finished his
sermon with the following: “I invite you to remain standing
and now turn to the person next to you or behind you—and in
heartfelt, humble prayer— plead with the Lord for
revival and reformation, so the Holy Spirit can lead God’s
remnant church as we ‘Go Forward’ proclaiming God’s grace and
the three angels’ messages. Please pray together.” After such a rousing speech
that hit all the right chords, many in the church wondered if Ted Wilson was raised up as a Josiah for our time, to lead the church into a time
of true revival and reformation, and to prepare it for the latter rain. But was he? Among the mountains of Gilead, east
of the Jordan, dwelt Elijah the prophet. He was a man of great faith and prayer. As he saw “Israel going
deeper and deeper into idolatry, his soul was distressed and
his indignation aroused.” Viewing the nation’s apostasy
from his mountain retreat, he was overwhelmed with sorrow. “In anguish of soul he
besought God to arrest the once-favored people
in their wicked course, to visit them with judgments, if need be, that they might be led to see in its true light their
departure from Heaven. He longed to see them
brought to repentance before they should go to
such lengths in evil-doing as to provoke the Lord
to destroy them utterly.” God answered His servant’s prayer. Elijah was instructed to
appear before king Ahab and declare that He would
withhold the rain and dew, because of the overwhelming
abominations that existed in the land. For three and half years,
the land received no rain. There was only one remedy
to correct this problem. “For stricken Israel there
was but one remedy, –a turning away from the sins
that had brought upon them the chastening hand of the Almighty, and a turning to the Lord
with full purpose of heart. It was to bring to pass this blessed result that God continued to withhold from them the dew and the rain until a decided
reformation should take place.” Not until a true reformation took
place would God send the rain, and Elijah was used to
bring about this reformation. “The word of faith and
power was upon his lips, and his whole life was
devoted to the work of reform. His was the voice of one
crying in the wilderness to rebuke sin and press
back the tide of evil. And while he came to the
people as a reprover of sin, his message offered the balm of Gilead to the sin-sick souls of all
who desired to be healed.” This event has great
significance for us today. The apostle Paul wrote: “Now all these things happened
unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends
of the world are come.” The word “ensamples” in this
verse is the Greek word ‘tupos.’ It is also translated as pattern or figure. We know it today as a
type or an illustration of what will take place at a later time. The Passover ceremonies were a
type of Christ’s death on the cross. Ellen White informs us that: “The Bible has accumulated
and bound up together its treasures for this last generation. All the great events and
solemn transactions of Old Testament history have been, and are, repeating themselves
in the church in these last days.” The story of Elijah is one
of those great events that will be repeated in these last days. Because of their apostasy, God
withheld the rain from His people. The same is true for us today. The latter rain has been withheld, and it doesn’t matter
how much we pray for it, it will not fall until a true revival
and reformation take place. In Josiah’s day, it required removing
every trace of Baal worship. In Elijah’s time, the work was the same. The people needed to turn away from all the abominations they were practicing. This happened only after God
sent fire down from heaven and all the false prophets
of Baal were killed. “With the slaying of the prophets of Baal, the way was opened for
carrying forward a mighty spiritual reformation among the
ten tribes of the northern kingdom. Elijah had set before
the people their apostasy; he had called upon them to humble
their hearts and turn to the Lord. The judgments of Heaven
had been executed; the people had confessed their sins,
and had acknowledged the God of their fathers as the living God; and now the curse of
Heaven was to be withdrawn, and the temporal blessings of life renewed. The land was to be refreshed with rain.” The message for us is plain. Not until the church is completely
cleansed from all its apostasy will it experience a true
revival and reformation followed by the outpouring of the latter rain. The current call from the General
Conference president will never achieve this until, like ancient
Israel, all sin is put away. “God calls for a thorough purification
of households and institutions. There is need, not merely of a
revival, but of a reformation. Every church needs to
be stirred as never before. When the great light that God has given shines forth through human agencies, a great work will be done. In demonstration of the
Spirit, and with power, the truth will be revealed
in clear, distinct lines.” Instead of the church being purified,
under the leadership of Ted Wilson it has become worse. Entire conferences have
rebelled against the decisions of previous General Conference sessions. They have ordained women pastors, setting an example and precedent
for any church member or institution to tread the path of rebellion. In his 2010 speech, Wilson warned
against accepting false views of creation, yet the Sabbath School Lesson
for the 1st quarter of 2013 taught false views of
creation to the world church. Again, in his 2010 speech, Wilson warned against prayers
that are steeped in mysticism, yet the January, 2011,
issue of Adventist World, advertised Jon Dybdahl’s book, Hunger:
Satisfying the Longing of Your Soul, as a resource for revival and reformation. This book is saturated with exactly
what Wilson warned against. During the 2010 General
Conference Session, Elder Wilson pledged to distribute the book The Great Controversy around the world, and The Great Controversy Project began. Elder Wilson further promoted the
project through satellite broadcasts to millions of church members, leading many to think that The Great
Controversy would be distributed. The North American Division created
the a website,, claiming it would “shake the world,” because they planned to share more than 170 million copies of the
book around the globe. Sadly, The Great Controversy project has turned out to be nothing but a great hoax. The name of the book was
changed to The Great Hope, and reduced to just 11 small chapters. Many donated to this project, thinking they were helping The
Great Controversy to be distributed. A good number of essential truths contained in the real Great Controversy are not found in this easy- read version. Noticeably absent are subjects like: The cleansing of the sanctuary
and investigative judgment. The three angels’ messages, the work of Luther and the reformers, the 1260 years of papal
persecution and the list goes on. Now, there is nothing
wrong with distributing cut-down versions of
The Great Controversy. That is not the issue. People have been doing that for years, because it is cheaper and not as
intimidating to pick up and read. The problem is that people have been led to believe that the entire Great Controversy that Ellen White wrote is being distributed. In the majority of cases,
this is not happening. People have been deceived. True revival and reformation
do not consist of empty words; instead, they will bring
about decided changes. The good news is, God will bring
about a true revival and reformation, followed by the latter rain. The bad news is, it will not
happen the way many expect. In the sixth year of king
Jehoiachin’s captivity, Ezekiel was shown in vision the condition of God’s people, particularly the leaders. In vision he saw four abominations
in the temple of God, each one worse than the one before it. Regarding the last abomination,
Ezekiel was shown: “Then said he unto me, Hast
thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt
see greater abominations than these. And he brought me into the
inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door
of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar,
were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward
the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped
the sun toward the east.” Through the spiritual
leaders, Satan had brought all kinds of abominable
practices into God’s sanctuary. The worst abomination was the last. About 25 leaders had
turned their backs on God and worshiped the sun toward the east. “The abominations for which the faithful ones were sighing and crying were all that could be discerned by finite
eyes, but by far the worst sins, those which provoked the jealousy of the pure and holy God, were unrevealed. The great Searcher of hearts
knoweth every sin committed in secret by the workers of iniquity.” I wonder whether it is happening
today in God’s last day church? Might the worst of those abominations,
that of worshipping the sun, be hidden from the people? Ezekiel says that “about 25” men
were committing this abomination. Does this have any
significance for us today? During the reorganization of the
General Conference back in 1901, it was decided that: “The Executive Committee of this
Conference shall be twenty-five in number, and shall have power to organize
itself by choosing a chairman, secretary, treasurer, and auditor,
whose duties shall be such as usually pertain to
their respective offices. It shall also have the power to
appoint all necessary agents and committees for the
conduct of its work.” In the Constitution Bylaws and
Working Policy, article 5, section 1b, April, 1959, page 9, we are told
that the Executive Committee was “not to exceed 25 in number.” Sometime after 1959, the
Committee was enlarged greatly. However, another committee
was formed to control the General Conference Committee. According to the following letter, the number of that committee
was “about 25 or 26.” “Here at the General Conference, the highest decision-making
committee, of course, is the General Conference Committee. There is a committee that we term
‘General Conference Officers’ which is made up of about
twenty-five or twenty-six individuals –president, secretaries, and treasurers, with a few other invited individuals. This committee is a screening
committee that determines the items that need to go to the
General Conference Committee.” This number was confirmed by the
Adventist News Network in 2012: “The document, “An Appeal for Unity in Respect to Ministerial
Ordination Practices,” written and approved by all
General Conference officers (25 persons) and division presidents (13 persons) worldwide, makes this clear.” Is it a co-incidence that Ezekiel’s
description of “about 25” sun worshipers in the temple of God is the same description that came from
the General Conference Office? No, it is not. In 1909, Ellen White wrote: “Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and
the people are asleep.” The 9th chapter of
Ezekiel is part of the same vision that starts in chapter 8, where the prophet saw
the 25 sun worshipers. Therefore, to understand chapter 9, we have to study chapter 8 as well. In a letter to A. R. Henry,
Ellen White also wrote: “We are amid the perils of the last days, the time will soon come when the
prophecy of Ezekiel 9 will be fulfilled; that prophecy should be carefully studied, for it will be fulfilled to the very letter. The eleventh and twelfth chapters also should receive critical,
thoughtful attention.” In Ezekiel 11, he sees another group of 25 people: “Moreover the spirit lifted me up,
and brought me unto the east gate of the LORD’S house,
which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the
gate five and twenty men; among whom I saw
Jaazaniah the son of Azur, and Pelatiah the son of
Benaiah, princes of the people. Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city.” Is God trying to tell us something? Whereas the 25 sun worshipers
in chapter 8 were priests, this group of people are
princes of the people. Their responsibility consisted of
directing the affairs of the city. In the two groups numbering 25,
we have a complete representation of the General Conference officers – responsible for guiding
the affairs of the church. These were not the only
ones Ezekiel saw who were responsible for the abominations in the church. He also saw 70 elders worshiping
abominable images in a secret room. In the Bible, the number seventy
represents the leadership. Moses appointed 70 elders, the
Sanhedrin were made up of 70 men, and Jesus chose 70 disciples. Is it possible we have come to the point where much of the Seventh-day
Adventist leadership is corrupt? Yes. Throughout this series, we have seen
many leaders in responsible positions not upholding the truths of God’s word. “Men and women are in
the last hours of probation, and yet are careless and stupid, and ministers have no
power to arouse them; they are asleep themselves. Sleeping preachers preaching
to a sleeping people!” Since they receive some
of their religious education from institutions outside the church, is it any wonder so many
leaders have become corrupt? One particular favorite is
Fuller Theological Seminary, one of the world’s largest. They offer a doctorate in
ministry that seems too good for Seventh-day Adventists to pass up. Notice some of the subjects required to complete the doctorate at
Fuller Theological Seminary. At least twelve of their subjects fall
into the spiritual formation category. This ought to be a warning about what is taught at this institute and who is behind it. One course is titled, “Spiritual Formation and
Discipleship in a Postmodern World.” In case you have not watched episode 9, discipleship in today’s postmodern
world is spiritual formation. Who in their right mind
would go to a seminary where Catholic and New Age
philosophies are taught? Sadly, the following professors
from Andrews University thought it would help them: Allan Walshe – Associate
professor of Youth Ministry. Bruce L. Bauer – Professor of World Mission Eduard E. Schmidt – Assistant
Professor of Personal Evangelism P. Richard Choi – Professor of New Testament Ricardo Norton – Associate
Professor of Church Growth Ron E. M. Clouzet – Professor of
Christian Ministry and Pastoral Theology Skip Bell – Professor of Christian Ministry Wagner Kuhn – Professor of World
Mission and Intercultural Studies And some professors from
Avondale College in Australia also felt the need to attend Fuller
to ‘upgrade’ their qualifications. Dr. Barry Gane – Head of
School of Ministry and Theology Dr. Doug Roberson, Senior
Lecturer of Ministry and Theology And Dr. Lyell Heise – Director and
Senior Lecturer of Ministry and Theology There are many other leaders who
have received their education from Fuller Theological Seminary, but
we don’t have time to list them all. Please keep in mind that Fuller is
not the only non-Adventist institute where our leaders are choosing
to receive their religious training. As Seventh-day Adventists, our
purpose is to call people out of Babylon. Yet many of our leaders are going to
Babylon to receive their education. In the early 20th century
Ellen White warned our people not to go to Battle Creek to be educated, in case they would be deceived
by Dr. Kellogg’s pantheism. If she were alive today, would she not warn our people against
attending universities like Fuller, where they would be
trained in spiritual formation and other erroneous teachings? Those leading the church, from the
very top at the General Conference to local congregations, should be
men who are led by the Holy Spirit. They should have spiritual discernment regarding what is right and what is wrong. Ellen White warns: “The plain, straight testimony
must live in the church, or the curse of God will
rest upon His people as surely as it did upon ancient
Israel because of their sins. God holds His people, as a body, responsible for the sins existing
in individuals among them. If the leaders of the church neglect
to diligently search out the sins which bring the displeasure
of God upon the body, they become responsible for these sins.” One has to wonder what kind of discernment the General Conference has when they approved funding of
nearly 1 million dollars to produce The Record Keeper, an 11-part,
web-based series that dramatizes themes from the Great Controversy. The drama focuses on three fictitious
angels, one good and one bad, as well as a female angel
who has been charged to keep a record of the conflict between good and evil. Apparently, the series was
inspired by The Great Hope, the abridged version of
the Great Controversy. The Record Keeper was approved
by the General Conference. The Executive Producer was General Conference PR Director, Garrett Caldwell. Two other executive producers
were Ben Schoun and Delbert Baker, both vice presidents of
the General Conference. The film was directed
by Jason Satterlund, owner of Big Puddle Films. One look at what he has
produced, as seen on his website, should have warned the
General Conference about what they were getting themselves into. Interestingly, when Satterlund
and Caldwell were asked if they had experienced any
resistance to The Record Keeper because it used drama, they said, no. “‘The most I’ve seen is people
posting Ellen White quotes that have been taken out of context under videos that have been posted online, but the vast majority of people have
been very supportive,’ Satterland said, adding later, ‘If you’re conservative and don’t watch movies, then this isn’t for you.’” In mid April, 2014, the General
Conference released a news report stating that the Record Keeper series
had been suspended due to “problematic and theologically
inaccurate matters.” Many were glad to see the
General Conference suspend this drama production, but few realize
it was the General Conference who approved and funded it in the first place. As already stated, Ben
Schoun and Delbert Baker, both general vice presidents
of the General Conference, are listed as executive producers. Now think about it: Almost a million dollars
of tithe, offerings, or both were wasted on this drama
production, which was approved at the highest level of the church, even though it included
theologically inaccurate content! The General Conference
administration has quietly wiped its hands of this apostasy, when in
fact they should be held responsible. Ellen White says a lot about
drama, and none of it is positive. She was horrified when the first
page of a Signs of the Times issue dedicated an article to Shakespeare, widely regarded as the
world’s pre-eminent dramatist. Drama is Satan’s way of
making us love the world. According to Satterlund, those who
enjoy watching The Record Keeper, will not be conservative and
will enjoy watching movies. In Philippians 4:8, Paul counseled: “Finally, brethren,
whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just,
whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,
whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there
be any praise, think on these things.” We’re fooling ourselves if we think we can use worldly methods to win souls to Christ. We need leaders who will
stand up and make decisions based upon the Word of God. Not until the church is purified from
its apostasy will the latter rain fall and the loud cry be given. Ezekiel 9 reveals how
God will accomplish this. In language that cannot be mistaken, the prophet describes the judgment
of God on His unfaithful people, not only of ancient Israel,
but of His last-day remnant, the Seventh-day Adventist church. “And the LORD said unto him,
Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem,
and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that
cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. And to the others he
said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye
spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and
young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man
upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient
men which were before the house. And he said unto
them, Defile the house, and fill the courts with the slain: go ye forth. And they went forth, and slew in the city.” According to Ellen White,
in these last days this prophecy will be fulfilled
literally, to the very letter. This means that the church,
symbolized by the sanctuary, will be the first to receive the wrath of God. “Here we see that the church–the
Lord’s sanctuary–was the first to feel the stroke of the wrath of God. The ancient men, those to
whom God had given great light and who had stood as guardians of
the spiritual interests of the people, had betrayed their trust.” Like the Jews in Jerusalem, many
have a false sense of security, thinking that the events of Ezekiel 9
will take place after probation closes. They have failed to realize
that the sanctuary was the first to feel the stroke of God. “The Lord will work to purify His church. I tell you in truth, the Lord is about to turn and overturn in the institutions called by His name. Just how soon this refining
process will begin I cannot say, but it will not be long deferred. He whose fan is in His hand will cleanse His temple of its moral defilement. He will thoroughly purge His floor. God has a controversy with all
who practice the least injustice. I appeal to my brethren to wake up. Unless a change takes place speedily, I must give the facts to the people; for this state of things must change; unconverted men must
no longer be managers and directors in so important and sacred work. With David we are forced to say, ‘It is time for Thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void Thy law.’” As soon as the church is cleansed, it will be ready to receive the latter rain. “The great outpouring of the Spirit of God, which lightens the whole
earth with his glory, will not come until we have
an enlightened people, that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God. When we have entire, whole-hearted consecration to the service of Christ, God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his
Spirit without measure; but this will not be while the
largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God. God cannot pour out his
Spirit when selfishness and self-indulgence are so manifest; when a spirit prevails
that, if put into words, would express that answer of
Cain,–‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’” Many feel that as long as
they keep the Sabbath, they will receive the mark or seal of God. But God requires not
only Sabbath observance, but a people who are not participating in the apostasy that exists in the church. “Mark this point with care: Those
who receive the pure mark of truth, wrought in them by the
power of the Holy Ghost, represented by a mark by the man in linen, are those ‘that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done’ in the church. Their love for purity and the
honor and glory of God is such, and they have so clear a view of
the exceeding sinfulness of sin, that they are represented as being
in agony, even sighing and crying. Read the ninth chapter of Ezekiel.” The church at large is
not sighing and crying for the abominations done in its midst. As Laodicea, our spiritual
eyesight has been diminished, and yet we think we are all right. Like the inhabitants of
Jerusalem, we feel secure believing that we are on the right boat that will safely make it to the harbor. The boat will make it to the harbor, but most people do not realize that the passage on the way to
the harbor is treacherous, and many will be thrown
overboard and lose their lives. “Satan will work his miracles to deceive; he will set up his power as supreme. The church may appear as
about to fall, but it does not fall. It remains, while the sinners
in Zion will be sifted out –the chaff separated
from the precious wheat. This is a terrible ordeal, but
nevertheless it must take place.” The church will go through, but it won’t be the church
as we know it today. It will be a considerably
smaller, purified church. Hey Ernie. Well hey Isabel, I’m glad you made it. Well you know I’m really curious to find out, what did you learn? Well, Ernie, there’s no
escaping the fact that the Seventh-day Adventist
church is in apostasy. And because of it, and
because it has not repented, God is going to send judgments
on His church to purify it. Well you know Ellen White said
the church would appear to fall. This gives us an idea of how bad it will get. Only through God’s intervention
will His church be saved. Wow and she says, it
will be a terrible ordeal. Yes it will be. You know Ezekiel 9 says
He will not have any pity on those who are guilty of apostasy. Old, young, women and even
little children will lose their lives. And that’s precisely what
you were shown in your dream, “Final Events and the First Supper” Ernie. Yes. You know, in a small way I understand how Ezekiel or Jeremiah must have felt. They knew what was going to
happen, but people refused to listen. It must have been very disheartening. Yes. If you had seen the things I
was shown, it is very disheartening. God has warned his people. First in the Bible, secondly in the writings of Ellen White and now he has given them one
last warning through my dreams. These are the three witnesses. What more can He do? So what was that special, symbolic
event you hinted at earlier? Well you will remember I
said it was a symbolic act of what needs to happen,
and what will happen. Let me read to you from
the real Great Controversy and then perhaps then you will understand. “But Luther was fearless still. Rome had hurled her anathemas
against him, and the world looked on, nothing doubting that he would
perish or be forced to yield. But with terrible power he flung back upon herself the sentence of condemnation, and publicly declared his
determination to abandon her forever. In the presence of a crowd of students,
doctors, and citizens of all ranks, Luther burned the pope’s bull,
with the canon laws, the decretals, and certain writings sustaining the papal power. ‘My enemies have been able
by burning my books,’ he said, ‘to injure the cause of truth in the
minds of some, and to destroy souls; for this reason I consume
their books in return. A serious struggle has just commenced. Hitherto I have been playing with
the pope; now I wage open war. I began this work in God’s name; it will be ended without
me, and by his might.’” You know Ernie, so I’m wondering
what are you proposing? Well you know Isabel I
need to get something first so that I can show you
what I’m talking about here. Let me just go down here, let me bring something up to you so that you know sometimes a visual image works much better. Well you know I want to start
off by showing a book here it’s the Seventh-day Adventists
answer, Questions on Doctrine. Oh yea I remember that was
back in the 50’s and it talked, I think thanks to that,
come to think of it, is when the new theology started, and the sanctuary message
got all changed around. It talks about the nature
of Christ, the original sin. Well you know this book, there’s only one thing that
can be done with this book, and this is what this book is good for. Oh my. Now I want to talk about another book, this next book is called
The Nature of Christ. I read that one. By Roy Adams. Yea. Alright, this book, it talks about
how you can’t stop sinning, talks about the nature of Christ. I remember that book, it had
a lot of interesting things about how we’re going to continue
sinning until the very end. You know what we need
to do with this book? Same as the other one, like that. Let me show you another book. This one’s also by Roy Adams,
it’s called The Sanctuary. You know this book here, the sanctuary in heaven
and that it’s not real, would you like to have the honors? Wow, lets see, go there. There you go. Ok, do you have any
more this is interesting. Yes I do. You know it’s through
books like those that people are being deceived and
apostasy exists in the church. Just as Martin Luther
burned the Pope’s bull, I believe that we as a
church, and individually, need to remove all that offends God, and humbly seek His forgiveness. Only then will He heal us. But if we refuse to reform
the church and our lives, if we continue to pray for
the outpouring of the Spirit while making no effort
to remove the apostasy, God will purify it Himself with fire. The choice is ours. Well Isabel you know
we’ve got the fire going, but we’ve got a lot more books and a lot more magazines to burn. Oh wow. So you know before we get
more books and magazines, we need to get the fire hotter. So I’m going to get some
more wood to throw on here. Let me see what you’ve got. Oh this is Ministry magazine February 2000, oh yea, there was an article
here by Richard Coffen that basically rejected
the Spirit of Prophecy. Talking about problems with
chronology, and her historicity and this one by Bacchiocchi also downplays Ellen White’s saying that pretty
much you have to reject it because there’s some errors in her history. You know what I am
going to have fun with it. I think you should, oh
that went a little too far. Lets crumple this one
up and get a little closer. There we go, close enough it’ll burn. Ok. Well we have some more
books that we want to burn. Ok Let me get some more books, and well Isabel this is going to be from episode 5. We talked about evolution
and the Gap Theory and I want to present three books but the first two are by Bryan Bull and Fritz Guy. You know these books they
cover Genesis one and how it’s not scientific and
it’s purpose is to reveal God. Fritz Guy, oh my, he was
a bible teacher at La Siera and he doesn’t believe in Genesis. You know what Ernie, may I have
the honor of tossing this into the fire? Absolutely, build the fire up, there you go. Well you know the next one is Understanding Genesis, Contemporary Adventist Perspectives this is also by Bryan Bull and Fritz Guy. You know this one here
promotes the old earth theory, Genesis is not literal and
the flood was not worldwide. This again was taught where? Probably at La Siera, knowing our
luck here, then I am going to toss it in. Well this third book, it’s actually a Sabbath
School Lesson Study, and this is so sad, you know this is the Seventh-day Adventist denomination Sabbath School quarterly this is for
January, February, March of 2013. It was entitled Origins, this quarterly
that was taught in our churches this promotes an old earth and sun. This was taught to our people in
their Sabbath School classes. People need to wake up,
they’re been taught false things. This is what they should be doing with this kind of false things, in the fire with it. Now you know the next books and
magazines I have is from episode 6. Let me bring these over to you. I have a couple of magazines here for you. The first you’ll see is Ministry magazine. Ministry July 2013, oh this one is Nancy
Vyhmeisters’ article on women apostles. Womens ordination is the
Theology of Ordination from the South Pacific Divisions
Biblical Research Committee and from the South Pacific
Union Record October 2008, way back then they were already
talking about homosexuality. Oh my, you know what these
are going to go you know where. Just gently place them up there
so you can see them burn. And that’s the way they should be. This is what they’re good for Isabel. This is all they’re good for. If people would burn this kind
of stuff more it would be better. As that goes up in flames I have
another book I want to show you. This is another one by David
Ferguson, Fritz Guy and David Larson, this one is on homosexuality. Christianity and Homosexuality: Some
Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives, you know this book has one place. It’s not in the house, it’s not on a bookcase, it has one place that it should go and I want you to see how
this goes up in flames. You know I have more to show you. Ok, I’m all ears. This was from episode 6, let me get some from
episode 7 to show you. I have two books and another magazine. This first magazine, I’ll let
you read the front cover. This is from Andrews University Focus. Oh wow, this is when
students went to a mosque and they were, wow, they had to prepare themselves to pray in the mosque. That’s it. Wow, they washed up, oh my,
this is, this is blasphemy Ernie. Yes it is and you know what
should be done with it? I’m going to do it. This is what people need to do. I have a book here, I’ll hand it
to you and you can read about it. Samir Selmanovic, It’s
Really All About God, oh my. I went to a spiritual retreat with
Brendon Manning a Franciscan priest who spoke about the love
of God in a way that helped thousands of pastors like me,
he was a true evangelical mystic. Excuse me. Throw more onto it. Well I have another one here. This is a dvd set by
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi and this is seal of God
how it’s not the Sabbath, it weakens identifying points
of the beast in Revelation. You know this is what a lot of people have watched and there’s one place for that. Do you want to do the honors. No you go right ahead because I’m
waiting to throw this one in myself. And what’s that? What do you have there? Well Isabel, I’m holding a book
written by Samuele Bacchiocchi, it’s a Historical Investigation of the rise of Sunday observance in early Christianity. Oh I remember he said that what
John says in Revelation about being in the spirit on the Lords day that was not Sabbath as Ellen White says. The only thing it should be is fired. Lets add this to the list of
books that should be burned. We’ll let that one burn. Well do you want to see some more? Oh wow this is getting better and better. Well let that one burn and
let me get some more books. The next books will be from episode 8 and this was on worship. The first one is Rick Warrens,
The Purpose Driven Church. Oh my, it’s even autographed, what a deal. Do you know that this book
is recommended to our student pastors at Andrews as
how to grow their churches. Oh there’s more, do you know I hold
a book here called Getting it Right, this is published and printed by
the Seventh-day Adventist Review in Hagerstown, Maryland. This is the General Conference of
Seventh-day Adventist youth department, if you read through this you’ll
find where it talks of Campolo. It references this you know
there’s only one thing. Here you can have this one too. These books should be
done, there’s only one thing. Purpose Driven Church, well
there is a purpose for this book and it is to feed the fire. I have more to share with you. Oh wow. You know this was covered from episode 9. I have many things to show you. The first one’s on contemplative prayer. Oh Thomus Merton’s
Contemplative Prayer. Yea, this book is quite
popular with some pastors. I’ll trade you. Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen, he says that Jesus was a mystic and wants people to imitate
that type of a life of prayer. Well this is bad, but I want you to notice
the Seventh-day Adventist Review. As you look at that, you know
there’s something that we have to do with these two books Isabel,
they have to be burned with the rest. What is a Mystic? Oh my mysticism in the Review, this
is only a year ago, January 2013. I’m going to put this one in myself. You have the honors. And as you get ready to come back I have Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. Oh yes, there’s some pastors
that recommend this book also. This is not the way to worship God. Well I’ll trade you again. Let me take that and I’ll give you these three Reviews and I’ll go add this to the burning stack. Oh my, this is, it actually promotes that book you just threw in the fire. The Review recommending it, here. Oh wow. This Review actually
recommended the book that we knew was the only good
thing to do with, throw it in the fire. So this article that was written
out of the Adventist Review. Well it doesn’t even deserve to be thrown in it needs to be waddled up first. Oh wow, these also have, this is actually an interview
with Richard Foster the author of that book, in the Review. You know in fact this article says
that discipleship is spiritual formation. So that tells me because it’s
in the official church magazine that when we talk about discipleship now we have to be thinking what they are
really referring to is spiritual formation. That is wrong. Yes it is. I’m sorry, this is going you know where. Well I have two more books for you and I tell you what while you look at this I’m going to get more wood for the fire. I want you to look at this and
tell me what you think about it. This is Dallas Willard. What is it about Isabel? The Spirit of the Disciplines,
Richard Foster recommends him and these are both by Dallas Willard. You know what, while you’re
doing that may I add these. I think that would be a good idea. I just want to keep the fire going
because we have more to burn. Well it’s time to get some more books. I have some more here for you, and
I’m just going to bring them up and let you look at it. This information you’ve
already reviewed and read, I don’t think any of this is going to
be shocking or surprising to you. Hunger, John Dybdal, yep, this is quite the book, it’s
interesting because he quotes the people that we were burning there. Foster and Dallas Willard and Henri Nouwen, the Catholic and Tony Campolo and he promotes some of
the wrong types of prayers. He promotes the centering, the meditation, the breath prayers, Francis of Assisi. This is I’m sorry, but this is wrong. May I have the honor? You may. Alright this is the book Hunger. You may, and this one, this is from
the Adventist Review January 2011, and right here in the revival and
reformation resource section it promotes the book you just put in the fire. Oh my, it actually has a
picture of it right there. Yea, I see that, and this is from a Sabbath
School from La Sierra, where it talks about a prayer
labyrinth, I’m sorry, that is wrong. Adventist Chaplin, July/September 2003, this one promotes spiritual direction and attending retreats of several religions. They call those the interfaith
retreats, I’m sorry that is wrong. And look Adventist News
Network, an ANN feature, church and congregations increase
their focus on spiritual formation. This one is another news break about how Adventist educators
are trying to reach the post-moderns and it urges ministerial training
schools to include a class in experiential spiritual
formation in their curricular. Oh we’re going to have more for the fire. We are, the Andrews University
Doctor of Ministry concentration was preparing people
for the ministry with discipleship and spiritual formation but due to the backlash
they’ve changed the name and now they don’t say
it’s spiritual formation but they call it biblical spirituality but it’s the same just a different name. From Avondale, this is the
undergraduate schedule current and one of the classes in the
Bachelor of Ministry and Theology is Spiritual Formation for
Pastoral Ministry, enjoy. I will this will take the
place with everything else. This kind of stuff, if our
people could only realise, maybe the church could be cleansed. Unfortunately it has to be
cleansed like that, with fire. I have more. Alright Isabel, I have more for you. It’s going to start off with a book
called The Ragamuffin Gospel. Oh that’s a popular one, there’s
people who really like this. You know this author is a
catholic and he recommends meditation, mysticism, contemplative prayer, those things that we should not be involved with. And this is a Ministry magazine, Dwight Nelson recommending this, look at this. Dwight Nelson is recommending this. And you know who else
likes Ragamuffin Gospel and recommends it is Matt Gamble. He’s currently the pastor of Elmshaven Church, the very church that is a stones
throw from where Ellen White lived. Max Lucado, he is a very popular author
has written many, many, many books. In fact I’ve seen several of his books
at the ABC and he’s very popular. He talks about spiritualism, and
ecumenism and people don’t realize that. Mark Yaconelli, you know this is
on Contemplative youth ministries, and the interesting thing
is that he is quoted, this book is promoted in the French
website of the Ellen G. White Estate. Promoting this kind of thing. He
talks about centering prayer, lectio divina, meditation and
all those kinds of things. Well you know all of this, there’s only one place for
these kind of things and again if so few seem to be learning it now. This is something that so
many Adventists need to know that if they have these kind of things they should not take them
and throw them in the trash they should build a fire
and do what we’re doing. This kind of stuff, there is only
one thing that can be done with it. An article like this in Ministry magazine promoting how Dwight Nelson
supports, that is not good. That is not good Isabel. Max Lucado’s book,
the Ragamuffin Gospel, Contemplative Youth Ministry,
only one place, in the fire. In the fire now or when
God purifies with fire. Well Isabel the next
part we’ve already covered, it’s episode 10 and it’s on health and I just have two things
that I want to share with you, we’ve already talked about this but sometimes it’s good
just to go over it again. You know we went onto the Florida
Hospital for children’s website. We’ve talked about how the Florida
Hospital has partnered with Disney. Oh Disney. You know Becky and I went
out to Florida last year and we went in and we toured
the Florida Hospital and we went into the childrens wing, we were surprised when
out comes an escorted Star Wars characters group. You know Darth vader, the storm
troopers, you remember Star Wars. Star Wars, but that movie as well
as so many others of Disney are so full of spiritualism, the force within you and all this
other stuff that shouldn’t be. Well I have something else. You know we went to
the St. Helena Hospital, we’re talking the hospital that
is right next to Elmshaven. Well at the St. Helena Hospital they
have a tree called the hope tree. Becky and I went over and we
wanted to take a look at that. Oh at the cancer centre. Well shall we do with them
what we do with everything else. It’s supposed to be a healing tree. This does not belong in our
Seventh-day Adventist institutions. It doesn’t, it doesn’t at all.
Well there is only one place for it. Ok Isabel I have one last book for you. Here’s your last book. Oh wow, I Hope by Nathan
Brown, yes this book promotes several different types of
false theology and authors like Brennan Manning
and womens ordination, he talks about homosexuality
and ecumenism as positive things. He even talks about the wrong music
as something good, about things that, well he basically summarizes everything
negative we have talked about. It is very disappointing. It’s the last book, we’ll let it join with the others. Enjoy. Alright here’s the last book we’ll throw in. Well you know Isabel all the
books that we’ve burned it is to help people understand. You know people are coming
together and they’re praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, they’re
praying and asking for the latter rain, they’re praying for the early rain. You know we can’t have the latter
rain until we’ve had the early rain and yet people want to pray and ask
for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. How can we receive such a
wonderful gift as the Holy Spirit, how can we receive the early rain
unless we as a church are pure, are clean are whole? We can’t receive anything until the
cleansing fire has gone through. You know all the books we had
they no longer exist, they are gone. They exist as nothing more
than ash, and the wind will carry them away and disperse them. Until we can have our church purified with fire we can never have the
outpouring of the early rain, we can never have the
blessing of the Holy Spirit. Are you saying, stop recommending
these kinds of things so that then God can
bless after it’s cleaned up. You know that is one step in the
right direction, but honestly Isabel I personally do not believe
that is going to happen. I believe that each individual
has to make that decision for their own salvation but each
individual has to make that decision, but I think the ultimate
will be the cleansing fire of God as spoken of in Ezechiel 9. God wrote about it, and Ellen
White has talked about it, we began talking when we
started burning the books about the message that I have
received the cleansing fire is coming. Today we burned a handful of books, soon God is going to destroy
and cleanse with His fire to make His church pure and whole. Wow. In this documentary series, we have
presented enough evidence to show without a doubt that the
Seventh-day Adventist church has been steadily going down the
path of apostasy for over 50 years. It is in the Laodicean condition. The example of ancient Israel shows where the Seventh-day
Adventist church is headed. As time progresses, the apostasy
is growing exponentially. We have almost reached the time
when God will say enough is enough. The sad thing is, that time
doesn’t have to come. I appeal to the leaders of
the church, from Ted Wilson, the General Conference president,
on down to each local church leader, don’t let it happen. Stand
up for God, for His truth, and for His last day church and put a stop
to all the apostasy that exists within it. Not until a true revival and reformation
take place will God pour out the latter rain. This means openly repenting
of and forsaking the apostasy that has been accepted into the church, some of which, we have
covered in this series. I also appeal also to you, the viewer. Don’t wait for the leadership to change. Israel’s history shows that they
are unlikely to do anything. Follow the Bible’s counsel and call sin by its right name as Jesus did, in love. Only those who sigh and cry for the
abominations done in the church will ever receive the seal
of God and the latter rain. If there is anything in your own life that you know is separating you from God, we appeal to you, surrender
it now while there is still time. We invite you to visit and read the messages
God has sent for His people. Soon, very soon, He will wipe
away the filth from His church and have a purified church, prepared for the latter rain
and the finishing of the work. It is our prayer that you
will be part of that number.