hello everybody today we are testing
autopilot 1 and autopilot two on a very visually challenging Road now this is
this road I specifically chose to test the limits of navigation by vision
system so autopilot or full autonomous driving based on vision only or mostly
vision at me we got radar and sonar but that doesn’t help you actually see lanes
it just helps you see other objects around so you can see I already had to
take over once for autopilot one and for those not as familiar autopilot one only
has a single forward facing camera and is based on the mobile eye autopilot
system or Hardware with you know Tesla’s magic sauce put into the mix
whereas autopilot 2x in higher so autopilot – through full self-drive is
Tesla’s own own ground-up approach autopilot one as you see there just had
had a problem I had to take over their autopilot – is still trucking along no
problem whatsoever now besides autopilot 2x having eight
cameras according to Elan in company at the
autonomy day and autopilot one just had another fail there and I’ll just hold on
a second here major fail there extreme deviation of
lane for autopilot one as you can see autopilot to handle that no problem but
back to what I was saying according to musk and company an
autonomy de autopilot 2x hardware with full self drive options are capable of
basically projecting in a way 3d based route so the car can put together what
it believes will be the predicted route so it knows that there’s going to be an
elevated elevation change such as right here on this not only a blind right turn
and you can see it was it would have been a complete fail for a p1 it was
gonna leave the lane based on prior experience a p2 is handling it good
while on the screen it doesn’t show that it shows that it’s leaving its lane line
but in reality it did not but with the extra cameras long focal length
mid-range and short range wide angle plus the side view cameras it’s able to
follow those lane lines much more precisely so we’re gonna go around a few
more curves here now I started them off pretty much synchronized at the same
starting point both I have set for 30 miles per hour which is about the
average people take on this road autopilot one just had a major failure
would went up on the curb if I wouldn’t have grabbed the wheel
now my hands are only skimming the wheel I am not physically holding the wheel
because I did not want input from me as the driver to influence the autopilot
and its driving in any way so that was we just finished up a medium to hard
difficulty Road now we’re gonna go for an extreme difficulty Road here and
you’ll see why in just a moment now coming up for autopilot – I did take
over at this point now it would have completed the curve I actually took this
curve a few more times off camera just to see what the reaction would have been
in Ludemann right here now a p1 completely spazzed out a p2 would have
taken that curve however it would have left its lane by about six inches to a
foot so on the base interest of safety because of the oncoming car I did
disengage and grab the wheel myself that was the only time in this entire test
that I actually had to intervene you can see a p1 failed again a B one’s gonna
fail wouldn’t even let me activate it a p2 made that curve no problem this is
going to be even more difficult right here
we’re going up it’s not only uphill but it’s also uphill with a sharp left
so ap1 already no sooner do I get it activated I already have to take over ap
to still need through just fine now this is a tough spot through this
intersection very here because the lane is lane lines are gone AP – still no
problem ap one lost the landline there now about a year ago ap one could not
navigate this section here as of summer of 2018 it can it does go over the lane
line slightly but it does make it through also as we’re going around the
corner ap 2 is still not a problem at one time I took over interest of safety
even though it would have completed that curve but right here as we passed that
century 21 sign usually ap one wants to skim the curve as of last summer it does
try getting too close to the curb but it doesn’t actually touch it anymore
and he or require me to take over but it does get uncomfortably close so I’m
thinking that it was a possibility of me going past that specific section
multiple times they allowed with the fleet learning
that it should move over a bit so thank you for watching please consider liking
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put together a lot of footage to try and synchronize
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