Drilling Engineer If you would have asked me three and
a half years ago what I would be doing, I would have never said “oil and gas”. I knew I wanted to do engineering.
I love math, I love science. The ability to be in the field and to be hands-on
was really important to me.Instead of going opposite directions,
they’ll be parallel.I’ve been with Shell for three and a half years
and I learn something new every day. I was given a rig within my first three months
of working at Shell. Of course I had my mentor there with me. And that really helped me feel comfortable
in my work environment. I don’t know many other professions
or many other companies that would give somebody so early
in their career so much responsibility. It helps you grow very quickly. Your learning curve just escalates
like you would not imagine.I have somebody working
on these plans right now.– Hey Ana. It’s Charles.
– Hey Charles, what are you doing?I never felt like I was alone
because you have a global network.The calculator volume came back
and we didn’t see…So I know that somebody out there knows
this issue that I’m dealing with and I can pick up the phone
and figure out whatever I need to. One thing I love about Shell
is the training that you get. Drilling engineers, geologists, petrophysicists,
we all come together, and learn about the business as a whole. Everything I do is a team decision. It requires me to reach out
to other people to make that happen. The connectedness of the company,
and we’re all shooting toward a common goal, is just amazing. My name is Ana Flenoy,
and I am a Drilling Engineer. When I tell people what I do,
they don’t believe me. But it’s fun. I love it. Visit