Perfect for gardeners, construction workers,
landscapists, and remodelers alike Easily dig holes and extract rocks and roots. Perfect for gardening and landscaping applications Quickly remove tile, plaster, old carpets, adhesive, linoleum, grout, brick and more Generates 2100 beats per minute of digging, chiseling, and demolishing power Includes five interchangeable heads: a flat wide chisel, a flat narrow chisel, a pointed chisel, a shovel, and a scraper The TZ 7500 Automatic Grouting Machine grouts in one easy operation. When properly used and maintained, the TZ 7500 does the job three times faster than conventional methods with 1/3 the man power – saving time and labor expenses. Also, there are no special skills required. Working in an upright position, a single operator can grout several thousand square feet per hour. Electrically powered, the TZ 6500 uses a soft sponge belt which picks grout up off the floor surface, and is washed clean as it revolves around the rollers. Residue and water are pressed out in the attached bucket resulting in a clean, film-free surface. Only half the amount of water is required, unlike conventional methods, so grout joints are not washed out. Also, the operator works in an upright position, eliminating fatigue and stress on the knees and back. FastenMaster is proud to introduce FrameFast. The new structural framing system for attaching rafters and trusses. The FrameFast system consists of both the FrameFast structure wood screws and the FrameFast tool. The FrameFast screw is a code compliant replacement for Hurricane Ties. Its fully threaded design provide superior uplift and lateral resistance. The unique color and distinct head design allow for easy inspectability. It comes complete with a high-torque Milwaukee drill and patented delivery system. Let’s show you how it works. To load the tool, simply drop the Fastener into the head, place the tool flush against the top plate about an inch or two below the bottom of the truss or rafter. Stab upward into the trust making sure to keep the head of the tool flush against the top plate. Then pull the trigger to drive the fastener. Now let’s show you that installation from beginning to end. There are both safety and productivity benefits to using the FrameFast system. Replacing Hurricane Ties and nails means no pneumatic nail guns or hoses needed. Installation from the deck surface eliminates the need for ladders and scaffolding and installation is up to eight times faster than traditional methods. The FrameFast fastener can be driven flush or left proud for easier inspectability. To set the fastener proud simply place the depth spacer onto the shaft of the tool. For girder trusses or hard-to-reach applications the alignment wings can be folded back. To adjust these wings, just press in with your thumb and rotate out of the way. For vaulted ceilings with rafters, the backstabber feature can be raised to meet the bottom of the truss or rafter. To adjust this feature loosen the lever and raise a stabberr into a position. that ensure penetration of a tip into the bottom of the trustor of raptor. FrameFast is sold in 200 count boxes and includes a spare bit for use with a standard drill or driver. FrameFast is code compliant and supported by test in engineering stamp documents available through our website. The Fastenmaster FrameFast system allowing framers to make a critical connection all while increasing speed and safety. The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ Drain Cleaning Air Gun is the industry’s first drain cleaning machine designed to clear through drain covers and traps with powered air. The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ allows users to clear clogged drains while leaving fixtures and drain covers intact. Designed for 1”-4” drain lines, the M12™ the M12™ AIRSNAKE™ has the power to clear up to 35 feet, past vent stacks and tees while the variable pressure dial allows for control on delicate pipe systems. Powered air flushes water out of pipes, completely removing grease and sludge from pipe walls. With the ability to work over sinks and eliminate retrieval mess, Drain Professionals, Plumbers, and Facility Maintenance will be able to work faster when clearing clogs. The M12™ AIRSNAKE™ is powered by REDLITHIUM™ Batteries, which deliver more work per charge and more work over pack life than competitors. REDLINK™ Intelligence provides optimized performance and overload protection against abusive situations.