thanks for doing the interview today.>>ALEX: No worries.>>Can you let me know what qualification
you’re doing here at Kangan?>>Uh, Certificate 3 in mobile equipment.>>Great! And how did you find your employer
who you’re working with at the moment?>>Um… just online, just, um, looked online,
and yeah.>>Yeah. How long do you think
you were looking for?>>Um… about a month?
>>A month? That’s pretty good.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah, that’s pretty quick! And… what do you do every day
in your apprenticeship?>>Um… anything from servicing machines
to, uh mid-life rebuilds, uh, pretty much everything to do with moving.>>Great! And what year are you in
at the moment?>>Um… I’m a fourth year.>>Fourth year – last year? Woah! Good stuff. You’re nearly completed,
so, where do you hope it’s gonna take you? Do you wanna do further studies, or…
what’s the go?>>Hopefully… work in the
field service department at William Adams, so, get my own ute,
travel around, yeah.>>Yeah? Great! Thankyou very much Alex,
thanks for doing the interview…>>No worries.
>>And have a good one completing your course.>>Thanks! [MUSIC]