NOW WE ARE IN Hi, my name is Alvin. Today I’m going to tell
you a story. My LinkedIn password was leaked and I had to change more than 10 website passwords.
Why? It is because I used the same password for all of them. Why do I use the same password
for all of them? It is because I cannot remember that many passwords with upper case, lower
case, numbers and punctuations. On the other hand, I could have used simple
passwords like 1234, password, or thomas, They are not secure and people can guess
it. It would seem impossible to have the best
of both worlds. That is true, until now… We would never try to memorise the exact shape
of our house keys, but we get into our houses just fine. All we have to remember is that
this is for the front door, and this is for the gate. Now imagine if we can get into our
computer and websites with something we carry just like a house key instead of memorising
passwords. Here, I proudly present to you – Aladdin,
it is the key to your computer and websites. You should treat it like your house key and
carry it with you at all times. Here comes a demo. NOW WE ARE IN Thanks for watching the demo. However, it
is not practical to carry it like this. Therefore, I’m launching this campaign to fit this, into
something like this so we can carry it. THE END