– No! No! It’s not gonna get that one. What?! – ♪ (futuristic sound effects) ♪
– I mean, come on. – (man 2) What?!
– Wow. – I feel like such a kid again.
(chuckles) ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re doing
another “try not to” challenge that fans have been requesting.
Any ideas what it could be? – Try Not to Get Mad.
Try Not to Laugh. Try Not to Have
Any Fun At All. – (FBE) It’s a Try Not
to Say Wow Challenge. – Ooh! Does that count?
– (FBE) That does count. – (laughs)
– (FBE chuckles) – I feel like I suck at these things,
because I feel like I say that word all the time
no matter what. I’m just really, really easily
impressed by anything and everything. – (FBE) So, this is
how it’s gonna work. If you seem impressed at all
throughout these clips even if you don’t say “wow,”
we’re gonna give you one point. But if you do end up
actually saying “wow” or “whoa,” then you’ll get two points.
The goal of this challenge is to end up with
as few points as possible. – Okay.
– I’m pretty confident right now, but you guys are generally
pretty good at catching me off guard with at least one thing. – (man) Wow!
– That one was easy. I know people who do that stuff,
so I’ve seen it a lot of times. – (man) Wow!
– What the heck? (buzzer) – See, that’s impressive.
They all said it! Did you see what he did, though?!
How do you not– Impressive.
(buzzer) – (man) Wow!
– Oh, I’ve seen that. I saw that on Twitter.
I’ve seen better, though. – (man) Wow!
– That just defied physics. – (man) Wow!
– Easy peasy. Pfft. Pfft. Anyone could do that.
Not impressed! – Oh, it’s a horsey.
Oh, no. – Shut the [bleep] up.
Did he just do that?! (buzzer) – Make the shot! – That’s crazy. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – I used to love horses
when I was younger. – Now, am I allowed to smile
and say “Aw”? Because it was adorable. – Yay. (claps)
Give the good boy the food. That was so cute. – I mean, if he shot a three-pointer, maybe I’d be impressed.
– I mean, all right. It’s animals doing tricks.
Seen an elephant do it. Just think elephants are cooler. – People got mad talents.
– (commentator) That is impressive. – Is it, though? – How do you do that?
– I love his dance! – Oh my god! Wow! Wow! Wow! I said it!
(buzzer) – ♪ (commentators humming) ♪
– You know what? I’m impressed. (buzzer) – He practices that somewhere.
In the mirror or something. – (laughs) OHHH! (claps)
(buzzer) – The guy next to him, though,
is pissing me off, ’cause it’s like, dude, it’s his moment, you know? There he is again!
He’s in the interview! Like, you didn’t do anything.
Get outta here. – (man) …do the hat trick. I feel so famous already!
– How great is this guy. – Oh, I’ve seen this girl.
All trick shots. – No! No! It’s not gonna
get that one! What?! (buzzer) – No way. Is it gonna
get the other one? – No frickin’ way!
(buzzer) – No. Stop. – That was pretty good. (chuckles)
That was… that was pretty good. (buzzer) – That’s crazy.
(buzzer) – That was all right, but I’ve seen
some pretty gnarly billiard or pool tricks.
– Know what that proves to me? Smoking is so bad for you
even pool balls know to stay away from it. ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ (buzzer) – That’s so unnecessary! (laughs)
(buzzer) (buzzer)
– Okay, that’s one’s incredible. That one’s incredible.
(buzzer) – Why doesn’t every
[bleep] car have that? That’s some Transformers [bleep].
(buzzer) – That was quite impressive.
(buzzer) – That’s like Transformers.
– That was just dumb. That’s a waste of money.
I don’t know why. You could just parallel park your car. – (chuckles) That’s funny. – As cool as we think
that invention would be, if you were to drop that
and just throw your ass out in the middle of traffic,
you’re getting rear-ended. – ♪ (man beatboxing) ♪ ♪ (futuristic sound effects) ♪ – Wow.
(buzzer) – You know what beatboxers impress me?
It’s the ones that sing and talk at the same time.
– This is impressive. The thing is, I grew up watching
Police Academy, and if you know that guy from Police Academy,
this is like nothing compared to what that guy can do.
– It’s undeniable that his beatboxing skills
are remarkable. – Oh my god. Okay. Wow!
That was amaz– I ca– ahhh! (laughs) I am the worst at this!
(buzzer) – I mean, come on. Wow. – (man 2) What?!
– Ohhh, schnikeys! (buzzer)
– (man 2) What?! Yo! What?!
– That’s how I’m feeling inside, but I don’t wanna say it.
– Talented. Nonetheless, wasn’t blown away.
– 13– ugh. She’s gonna be good, huh? Oh.
– Stop. Ah, she’s still going! – Are you kidding me? 13 and–
(gasps) Stop it! (buzzer) – Wooow. Wow!
(buzzer) – (crowd cheering) – And there goes the audience doing
exactly what I wanna do right now. – Still going. – (host) Not yet, not yet,
not yet, not yet! – All right. Now, do it
with an afro or on concrete. – The people in the background
saying the word you’re not supposed to say does not help.
– All he’s doing is spinning. I’m trying to see some–
you know what I’m saying? A little pop, lock–
change it up a little bit. – Okay. It looks like he’s
at the mouth of a volcano? Yeah.
– (gasps) No way! How is he not melting?
Oh my god! That’s a frickin’ volcano! (gasps)
(gasps louder) (buzzer)
– (man) Over. – How is that even humanly possible?
– it’s literally splashing too. I would be so scared.
– Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! (laughs)
– (man) Am I close enough to [inaudible]?
I can’t go any closer. – That is insane.
(buzzer) – Stop! Why is he standing
so close?! I’m nervous. – Wow. That looks like hell. (chuckles) Ah, [bleep]! I said “wow.” Dammit!
(buzzer) – Wow. Oh god! (buzzer) – Nah. I watch a lot
of nature documentaries. – Oh, this is that stuff
that’s supposed to be all soothing for people.
– Ah. – Oh, this is so good! – (chuckles) I’m not impressed
at all with that. It’s just I feel like that’s–
what is it? Play-Doh? – Dude, this is
so satisfying to watch. – Ah, I love this! (laughs)
Sorry! I love these videos. (buzzer)
– I’m not into these. I’m just not into them.
– Ooh. Satisfying. – I always see these on Snapchat.
– I remember seeing the advertisements for Kinetic Sand on TV.
Make it a kid’s toy and then people start
doing this with it. – (FBE) All right, so that video
may not have made you wow, but we wanna see if actually
playing with the sand in person will leave you impressed.
– Oh, I’m a tactile gal. You give me anything to play with
with my hands, I’m all about it. – Ah, I love this [bleep].
Oh my god. (buzzer)
– Ahh, yeah. I wanna eat it. I’m not going to.
It’s not a Try Not to Eat Challenge. Ah. Yeah. I’m not gonna say–
Ah, look at that. (buzzer)
– Oh my god! I’m drooling! This is so nice!
(buzzer) – I feel like such a kid again. (laughs) I love this.
(buzzer) – Yeah. It’s like chopping food, but you don’t get dirty.
Ooh, I like this. (buzzer) – It just stays there.
What the heck? This is incredible. Don’t get your kids Play-Doh. Get your kids Kinetic Sand.
This is amazing. Get me Kinetic Sand.
(buzzer) – This looks perfect.
Let me see if I can– I can. (laughs) Wow! Okay. That’s a lot
easier than I thought. (buzzer)
– We gotta get creative here. You guys are gonna be
impressed with this. That’s all that is.
– (FBE) What do you think? Are you impressed already?
I think you are. – Yeah. (laughs)
(buzzer) – There’s literally nothing
to be impressed by unless you wanna be impressed
by the chemistry of how it’s made. It’s wet, but not wet sand. – (FBE) You didn’t say “wow”
to any of these, and therefore won the challenge.
(ding) How do you feel?
– It’s either I’ve seen something better
or it wasn’t impressive to begin with.
There’s a lot of stuff in this world. You gotta show me something
top tier to really catch me off guard. – (FBE) So, you failed.
– I failed miserably. But if you look at high points
as a positive, I was killing the game. – We can’t always win.
I’m cool taking a loss every now and then. Seems to be all the time,
but it’s fine.