– What is it?
It’s so good! – Millennials.
It tastes like millennials. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) What would you consider
to be a food of the future? – (chuckles) “A food of the future.”
Anything that they send into space. – Definitely not that weird
space ice cream you can get at the Air and Space Museum.
– Maybe everything beyond meat. – (FBE) Recently, Whole Foods
actually released a list of foods they expect to see more of next year.
So, based off that list and a few other sources,
today you are gonna be trying seven different foods
which might become trends in 2020, and we’ll see if you think
they will thrive or fail. – Okay. Okay. I’m too poor to shop
at Whole Foods, so this is gonna be a super fun experience for me.
– (FBE) Are you ready for your first item?
– Yes! Bring me all of ’em. – What we got? Oh.
Almond butter or is it peanut butter? – No on peanut butter. I don’t know.
Just the consistency, ugh. – It doesn’t smell like peanut butter.
It doesn’t smell like anything. That’s what’s weird.
– I feel like I know the taste. Is it almond butter? No? – That’s not peanut butter.
I know this flavor. What is this flavor?
– I love peanut butter. I literally would just–
I used to just eat peanut butter as a meal. Hmm.
Mm-hmm. – A little dippage.
It’s a nut butter or at least it tastes like one.
– (FBE) So, with the rise of alternative foods
comes chickpea butter. – What? What?! What?
– (snickers) So, it’s hummus. (laughs) Okay.
– Blessed be to the chickpea. I am SO down for that. Okay!
– I actually had a salad last night with a million chickpeas on it,
and I scooped them all up and threw them in the trash,
’cause I don’t particularly like chickpeas.
– (FBE) So, this is alternative is available in creamy
and crunchy options and contains only chickpeas,
olive oil, cane sugar, and organic palm oil,
which makes it a perfect alternative for people allergic to nuts.
– No freakin’ way. This is not peanuts at all?
Ohhhh, wow! – I don’t like the consistency
of peanut butter, and it actually tastes
like peanut butter. – I like this more than almond butter.
Almond butter kind of seems a little runny.
– What I’m thinking right now is if this is healthy or unhealthy,
’cause it might seem like a cool alternative,
but palm oil, sugar… It tastes bomb, though.
It tastes good. It tastes good. – It works really well.
I absolutely love this. I would definitely buy this.
– (FBE) Here is your next item. – Ooh! Good lord. Jesus.
– It looks like feet. It smells like pickled stuff.
– At first, I thought it was chicken. But I see some seeds.
– Is this like a jackfruit? It’s really interesting,
’cause my friend’s a chef, and she told me that jackfruit
is being used as a meat substitute. – I don’t like this one.
– No. Not for me! Putting that…
right over there! – Wow. Millennials.
It tastes like millennials. – It’s got the consistency
of almost artichoke hearts. I like it. What is it?
– (FBE) So, what you just ate is jackfruit.
– Ohh! All right. All right. – Yeah, I’ll have to pass
on this one. I’ve had jackfruit before.
I’m not a fan. – I could tell, because it just–
just the shape of it. When you chew into it,
it’s a very distinct feeling. – It’s weird, because it’s a fruit
or they call it a fruit, but when you look at that
and when you taste that, definitely your brain is like,
“Mm, are you sure, bitch? ‘Cause it doesn’t taste
like any fruit I’ve ever had. – (FBE) So, they are a species
of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family.
And it’s believed to originate from Asia.
When it’s raw and ripe, the jackfruit typically
tastes sweet and similar to pineapples or mango.
But when it is unripe, it has a more neutral flavor,
which often is used as a meat replacement.
– Okay. I feel like I’d probably like it sweet.
– Not for me. I would like to try
the ripe and sweet version. That was disgusting. – People make vegan
pulled pork sandwiches using jackfruit,
which looks super cool and I’m sure they’re super tasty.
I didn’t really like the flavor of this one, but I’m sure it’s awesome
in whatever way you cook it. – I don’t know that I’m going
to purchase it, but if, I mean, Popeye’s makes a chicken sandwich
out of it or something like that, I’m gonna go get it.
– (FBE) Here’s your next item. – You guys and the hot sauce.
– Mmm! Smells like barbecue-y?
– Like a sweet and sour almost sauce– almost like
a sweet and sour barbecue sauce. – It’s not spicy, but definitely
has a little bit of flavor to it. This is really good. – Whoa. The [bleep]? It’s not spicy at all.
What? It’s hot sauce without the hot. – Oh, so into it. Oh my god, yes.
– What is it?! It’s so good!
– (FBE) So, this is gochujang… – Gochujang.
– There’s a giant brick of it at my house.
– (FBE) …which is a red chili paste that contains glutinous rice,
fermented soybeans, salt, and sometimes sweeteners.
Even though this particular product has been a staple in Korean cuisine
for years, many are predicting that in 2020 there will be
a rise of fermented food products like gochujang and kombucha.
– Oh, yes. I mean, I drink kombucha regularly,
so I know that one. This is going in the fridge for sure.
– It’s cool to see these sorts of foods get kind of spread out
to the rest of the world, so people can get a taste
for, like, Korean food. – We use gochujang
for just about everything. There’s so many flavors in that
that it’s unbelievable, right? It’s sweet. It’s salty.
It’s all the things. – 2020 is the year of Korean food.
I know kimchi’s been a big thing. It’s becoming more of a wave.
I know Whole Foods is selling it, kombucha, just fermented foods.
I think people are just understanding more the benefits of probiotics
and good bacteria, so I could see it getting huge.
– (FBE) Well, here is your next one. – Yes! – Ohh. What is that?
Oh, it’s warm! – That looks like pure egg yolk
with cinnamon on top. – I feel like this is turmeric
or there’s turmeric in it. – I grew up drinking this stuff.
This is how you get strong bones. It’s called haldi ka doodh.
So, “haldi” is turmeric. “Doodh” means milk.
So, golden milk [inaudible]. – Wow. I like this. It tastes like it has a little bit
of ginger in it. – Mmm. Neutral. Warm. I’m curious as to why it’s yellow.
– (FBE) So, this is a turmeric latte. – Turmeric! There we go.
Okay, so it’s spice water. – Mmm. This is really good.
– (FBE) So, turmeric lattes as well as other colorful
plant-based lattes have been growing in popularity
over the past few years. – Yo, this smacks.
You did a good job. – (FBE) With social media apps
like Instagram and Facebook, many want the picture perfect drink
to match their feed, leading to more colorful beverages
like this drink along with the beetroot and matcha latte
or the rainbow latte, which was massively popular
in Australia a couple years ago. – This wouldn’t really
fit my feed, but… – ♪ One of these things
is not like the other ♪ (ding)
– I mean, it’s not– it doesn’t taste bad,
but I can see how somebody would do it for the aesthetic.
– Yeah, I can see that taking off. My friends were all doing
a juice cleanse, and so I got beet juice.
And then I mixed it with vodka and said, “Look, you guys,
I’m doing it too” (chuckles) just so I could have some color.
– Instagram-able food is a huge business.
There’s a little bit of motivation going behind just being like,
“Look at this. I’m cool. I got a turmeric latte.”
– I’m actually surprised that turmeric out of everything
got popular, because it’s one of the most staining items
there is, on your lips, on your hands.
Once the IG baddies are like, “Oh, my [bleep] is all stained,”
they’re gonna be like, “All right. Never mind. Back to matcha it is.”
– (FBE) Well, here is your next item. – Ooh! Whoa. Cheese!
– So, it’s not cheese. It looks like cheese,
but I doubt it’s cheese. – It looks like cheese.
I’m going to assume that this is a nut cheese.
– (FBE) This trend is all about helping the environment.
It’s called regenerative agriculture. – No way.
– (FBE) Regenerative agriculture describes farming
and grazing practices that aim to reverse climate change
by capturing carbon and soil and plants.
– So, it’s ethical cheese. – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– Got it. Well, I’m a fan of the ethical cheese.
– (FBE) This is from a company called Cowgirl Creamery that makes–
– Oh! (claps) I love them! Yay. – (FBE) They source their products
from local dairy farms, helping reduce the amount
of animals that are used in the process.
– Whoa. That’s amazing. It literally changes the game.
– I really like that companies are becoming so much more aware
of how they’re affecting the environment.
– I have family members who make sure everything’s ethical from the point
of start to end, and they’ll pay an extra 5-10 for their meal.
Hopefully, everyone jumps on the same wave and treats it
as a long-term investment for our body and world versus just
“This is my meal right now.” – (FBE) So, do you think
you might be trying to find more regenerative agricultural food
in the future? – Yeah, I would.
It makes me feel good. – I would absolutely try another one
in the same process that it was made. – (FBE) Well, here’s your next one.
– Favorite food. Let’s go! I love burgers.
– Just tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and something that apparently
looks like beef. Apparently.
– Mm. (chuckles) There’s something different
about this burger. – Is this like an impossible meat?
– (FBE) Not quite. – Is this some sort of soy?
What is this? – (FBE) Plant-based food items
have become increasingly popular. – There we go.
– (FBE) BUT this burger is actually a blend of both plant
and meat products. – Mmm, hybrid.
– (FBE) By blending these two foods together,
many say that you get the best of both worlds
as there’s still the meat quality and taste of the food,
but also helps improve the food sustainability
and public health, because you’re not using
as much animal product. – That’s… this is amazing.
I love where the world is heading with their food.
– If they just substitute all the burgers at McDonald’s
with this, it would be great. – I think it’s definitely a good idea.
Still not well-executed completely. I can taste the difference.
I really can. – I mean, I think you
either go one or the other. What’s the point, right?
You’re still eating meat. – For me, personally,
I guess I would be like if I want to get an Impossible Burger,
I’m gonna get that. And then if I just want a meat burger,
I’m gonna do that. I don’t think that this is
gonna be something that’s gonna really catch on.
– I think that’s the thing about it, though, too, the middle ground.
You just have to do little things. We do meatless Mondays at home.
So, we try not to eat meat on Mondays. Just doing that one day a week,
it’s not really that hard and I feel like it makes a difference.
– (FBE) We’ll fly that out. And we got one last food for you.
– Oh! My favorite thing in the world. – The old faithful pizza.
– Aww. This is the cutest little slice of pizza ever.
Smells so good. – Crust is good.
I would say it has a good zest to it, I think.
Good flavoring, good seasoning. – There’s nothing I can tell
that’s different from regular pizza. This is good.
– (FBE) This may look like a normal pizza,
but it is packed with vegetables as the crust is made
out of cauliflower. – Is it really?
Okay, that’s really good. – I love cauliflower.
It’s my favorite vegetable. How?! – To me, it still tasted
dough-y and bread-y. It’s not like, oh–
but I really like cauliflower and broccoli by themselves.
– I see that more and more at like DIY pizza places.
They offer cauliflower crust, which is super cool.
I’ve never myself gotten it, but I’ve always been curious about it.
– (FBE) So, we have been seeing a rise of gluten-free products
as well as flour replacements, with this one being cauliflower flour,
leading to foods like this pizza. – Cauliflower flour
is my favorite thing you said all day. (laughs)
– I mean, I’ve done the cauliflower as rice,
cauliflower as potatoes, and believe it or not,
cauliflower as grits. This is really good.
– It’s good. It’s smart. They have it everywhere now.
I know they have it Whole Foods. They have it at Trader Joe’s.
Trader Joe’s knows what’s up. – Having normal pizza,
you know how you get that really bloated
and sleepy feeling afterwards and you just wanna take a nap?
Cauliflower doesn’t do that. You’re still good to go.
– I’m sure there’s a lot of places in this area in Los Angeles
that is artisanal cauliflower pizzas. And I’m sure I would enjoy
some really, really good ones of those. I wouldn’t doubt
that I’ve already had some and didn’t realize it.
– (FBE) So, now that you have tried some of the food trends
that people are predicting for the next year,
out of what you had, what do you think could be
the most popular in 2020? – I think in 2020,
we’ll probably be messing with cauliflower crust more often.
– The pizza. I can’t get over the fact
that the crust is made out of cauliflower.
– Gochujang. People, you know, we’re on
the big Sriracha kick and there’s hot sauces
sort of everywhere. I feel like that one
has a different flavor. – Maybe the chickpea peanut butter.
I don’t know if it’ll go on for a long time, chickpea butter,
but it might [inaudible] as a good little section of–
like, boom. And also, it tasted really good.
– Oh, the gochujang for sure. It’s gochujang.
That is going to end up everywhere. McDonald’s is gonna have
gochujang sauce, gochujang with nuggets.
It’s happening. 2020. I guarantee it. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. – Shoutout to timmy’s life.
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– Bye, guys. Gonna go eat burgers now. – Hey, everyone. Lauren,
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