Every day I work with the people
on the floor and in other facilities and my goal is everyone succeeds. Kim: “Good morning, Chris. I actually
need to do a ‘Sherlock’ with you.” I’m Kim Gonner and I’m a
Quality Assurance Technician in Manchester, Iowa. As a quality assurance technician
I perform first article inspections surveillance inspections,
I mentor operators, do calibration, and lots of floor
support helping operators, and leads, and production staff
with issues in the facilities. I am also an FAA ODA UM. So I do FAA inspections on
articles for the CRGs and other assemblies in Manchester. I’m proud of the work that we do. We keep people safe when they’re flying. I have family and friends that fly and it’s
great knowing they are safe at all times. This is very cool work.
Not everybody gets to work on the instruments that keeps those planes in the sky. Yeah, it’s very personal.
I put my heart in my job.