(bright uplifting music) – I mostly grew up here in Greenville. I went to high school here in Greenville. And I wasn’t really sure what
I wanted to do with my life, so didn’t really wanna go to college and not really know what
direction I was going and just waste time and money. My parents were like,
you gotta do something, either go to school, or
you gotta start working. I heard about Whirlpool and I went there. Whirlpool has given me the opportunity to, one, go back to school
and pay for my tuition. I don’t know that I could have ever gone back to school without it. And from that, it’s been
able to advance my career. I started in classic
assembly as a motor builder. I became a repair person and
then I became a group leader. A few years down the road
I became a lead group lead. And then recently here in February, I started my supervisor position. I worked closely with my supervisor of what I could do personally
to achieve that goal and they worked with me on like skill set and different leadership
traits that I could work on to get to that spot. I never know what I’m
walking into in the morning. Every day, yeah, I might
have a set schedule, I might have a meeting to go
to at a certain time everyday, but my job is really people focused. Every day it has something
a little bit different that I can learn and grow from personally. When I walk through those doors. I’m Maggie Hanmaker the
supervisor of classic assembly. The first thing I do every morning is, I place manpower, the
assembly lines need to start. And manpower is a
crucial role to make sure if we somebody that’s absent,
that we have that role filled. And then after that, I
go to my morning meeting which is our business unit meeting. And that’s really to
address any safety issues that happened, any quality
issues that might have came up. Delivery issues that we had the prior day, and any issues that we
should be concerned about. And then after that, I do my daily walk, so I’ll go in and check in
with all of my assembly lines, I have eight assembly lines. And I check with the group
leaders and see what I can do to help them to make the day successful. For people to follow you, you have to have that personal connection with them. I wanna know about their lives. I don’t wanna be just their boss. I wanna be that leader who
cares about them personally, who wants to help them and inspire them to grow and become
better for the business. I had a training update meeting, where we just go and talk about all of our new trainees on their line, how they’re doing. New employees, I mean if you walk into any manufacturing plant,
it’s intimidating. It’s sort of that one on one, I’m Maggie, I’m the supervisor,
I’m here to help you. And if you have issues let me know. Let’s go ahead and
introduce you to your team. If you just come to the shop floors, there’s opportunities within
less than a year to progress and Whirlpool’s there
to help get you there. We had a safety incident last week. And we really needed to
have a group team effort, ’cause it’s a plant wide
issue, and bring all those team members together on a
daily basis to figure out how we can correct those
actions immediately. Once a week I have my
group leader meeting, I get all my group leaders into a room. Sometimes it’s a little more structured and sometimes we just come together, talk about issues that they’ve experienced and how we can help. When I walk out, I get
in my car, I drive home. After that I’m like,
“Well what do I wanna do?” What’s important to me. My family is huge in my life. I spend a lot of time with my friends, I spend a lot of time on my hobbies. My next step I think would
be, I wanna get really good where I’m at, so I’m gonna
continue to go to school, continue my education,
so that when I feel like I’m fully confident and ready to maybe go to a business
unit manager position, I would be ready to just
step in to that role. Absolutely the opportunity is
there for people to advance. And Whirlpool’s there
to help get you there.