When a book’s hinge breaks, one cover will
pull completely away from the text block. This is caused by the super tearing it
is easy to repair a broken hinge without fully removing the book from the casing
by using single stitched binder tape. The repaired hinge will be stronger than the
original. You will need Demco NorBond Adhesive, a paste brush, waxed paper,
single stitched binder tape, scissors, bone folder, cheesecloth, two or three
rubber bands or a book weight. If the hinge is not fully broken,
carefully cut it open, trim any excess material in the hinge and spine area and
secure all loose material in the spine and inside of the cover with NorBond. Be
certain that the end sheet is securely attached to the inside of the cover. Cut
the single stitched binder tape to match the length of the text block. Brush NorBond on one side of the tape, apply the tape around the edge of the text block
with one tab attached to the spine and one tab attached to the front or back
page of the text block. Smooth the tape with a bone folder, blot any excess
adhesive, leave the cover of the book open and set the book aside to dry. After
the first part of the repair has dried, insert a strip of waxed paper between
the two tabs in the spine area to guard against any excess adhesive sticking the
tube closed. Place another sheet of waxed paper on top of the text block. Brush NorBbond on to the exposed tabs of the tape. Bring the edge of the cover into
position along the row of stitches. Use a bone folder to smooth one tab of the
tape to the inside of the cover. Close the book and firmly run the edge of the
bone folder along the outside of the spine to attach the fourth tab to the
inside of the tube, hold with the rubber bands
and set the book aside to dry overnight. Remove the waxed paper after the
adhesive has dried. The repaired book will have two tabs of the binder tape
visible when the cover is opened and two tabs attached to the inside of the tube.
Occasionally the flyleaf will remain attached to the cover rather than the
text block. When this happens, it is essential that you remove the flyleaf
and set it aside before proceeding with this repair. After the hinge is repaired
you should use a piece of adhesive backed cloth tape to reattach the
flyleaf into the book.