Hey guys, its me CriticalCubing and today
I am going to go over some exercises that will help you improve your lookahead. Generally
when people ask for lookahead tips, the most common advice that is given is slow solving.
That is useful however there are other things that you can do to improve your lookahead.
Best thing is that you do not need a timer or anything else for this kind of practice.
You just need your cube and you’re good to go. And these are the practice techniques
that I use and would recommend using. This first one is used for getting familiar
with your f2l cases and algorithms and the next step will help you improve your lookahead
and track multiple pieces at the same time. This is called blind f2l solving and in this
we take a look at an f2l pair, for example here I’ll look at this, and I need to solve
it in the back, in the back slot. We take a look at this pair, and then I close my eyes
and solve this to the back pair. I have closed my eyes now and I am going to solve this.
Once you are done with that, you look at another f2l pair, for example this one and this one,
and now I’ll close my eyes and solve these two. Then you open up your eyes and look at
another pair and then you close your eyes and do the same thing again. Then you look
at your last pair, close your eyes and sovlve it blind. This helps you get familiar with
your f2l algorithm’s and also makes the algs muscle memory so you don’t have to think while
solving. Once you are good at this and you can solve the pairs with 100% accuracy, then
its time to move onto the next level. Next level is similar, however we add in something
extra. In the next level, we take a look at our first pair, and also take a look at our
second pair. For example, here I am going to look at these two, and also look at these
two. Now in the next level, you should know how to solve this pair just by looking at
it. For example, for solving this I have to do R U R’. That will pair it up in here and
I only have to insert it. In this next level phase we are only tracking this pair with
our eyes close, while simultaneously solving that. I
am going to close my eyes and solve this, while tracking this.