[SNAP] [MUSIC PLAYING] We love our planet, right? Then let’s stop trashing it. Here are five things
they Consumer Report says you should take
out of the trash bin and put in the recycling bin. Don’t let your mattress be
part of a landfill nightmare. At minimum, 80% of your mattress
is components can be recycled. Steel from the springs
can be separated and used to make new products. The foam can be processed
into carpet padding. Wood from box springs can
be made into garden mulch. Check online to find the
closest recycling center. You’ll sleep easier. Super fast beverages
come at a price. Pod lovers by billions
of these each year. And they’re piling
up in landfills. More and more of them
are becoming recyclable. If your pod has a recycling
symbol with the number five on it, you can do
these five steps. Peel off the aluminum foil top. Toss the leftovers inside,
aluminum top and paper filter. And recycle the
plastic pod shell. Or consider a waste-free
hot beverage maker. Do you have a drawer
full of these? Deal with them. The plastic, glass, and metal
in your phone can be recycled. If your old phone still
works, do somebody a solid and donate it. Make sure to wipe out
your personal information before handing your phone in. Ever toss one of these? Don’t do it. CFL light bulbs contain mercury. You can drop CFL bulbs at
big home improvement chains. And when your LED
eventually dies, note that it can contain
lead, arsenic, and gallium in its circuitry. So they should be recycled
with other electronic waste. Check online for
mailing options. Unwanted mail driving you nuts? Here’s how to save your
sanity and some trees. Make it stop. You can refuse unwanted
mail and get your name off of mailing lists by reading
about your options online. Remember, a happy planet
equals a happy you. [SNAP]