This video is brought to you by Storyblocks Hey guys Jordy here for and welcome to a brand new episode of copycat Friday now in this weekly series We recreate visual effects from famous films and music videos this week This week a lot of new music videos came out and interesting enough We found three videos that all have sky replacements and these were baila. Baila. Baila from ozuna Undecided from Chris Brown and jumping on a jet from future It’s like the name of the effect says we’re going to replace the current sky in error shot with a different one in order actually Five different techniques to do that all of them have a different purpose and were all inspired by the music video as mentioned before Let’s start off with the most easy One of all simply film your subject and make sure that there’s plenty of sky visible to make it yourself Easy film all of this from a tripod if you want to make it yourself hearts Then you can go handheld in Adobe Premiere Pro with that shot into your timeline and now we’re going to make that sky a bit More interesting. So go ahead and jump onto the interwebs and search for pictures of anything that you want to get up there for example the moon or other planets If you are creating something For the public or commercial work that make sure that you have the proper license to use any of those images and import your photos Into Premiere Pro and drag them on top of your timeline with it selected head over to the opacity Property and then click on the pen tool to draw a mask around the planets finally change the blending mode of the planets to screen And perhaps decrease the opacity To make them blend even better scale and move the planet into the sky where you want it to be and that’s it Now you can also add more elements to the sky and of course design something that looks unique and since we were on a static Tripods you could also add one of our three handheld camera preset stewards. I’ll leave a download link in the description below So if you did move to your camera, we’re going to have to jump into After Effects and track the motion there It is best to track a trio in the background or anything else that is far away in the distance You can then connect the planets to the tracking data and have it move with your camera move You can find a tutorial and how tracking works inside After Effects as well in the description below So that was the first sky replacement for you at elements to the sky to make it more interesting The next technique is something that we didn’t see in the music video is but it just looks cool So we just had to add a few lists as well for this one. You’ll definitely need to film from a tripods Make sure that it’s during the day and that there aren’t too many details in the horizon We have a strides building which is gonna make it easier then stop recording but to keep your camera on that Tripods wait until the night falls and then make that same shot again and Premiere Pro these two shots lay on top of each other With the top one selectively head over to the epatha the property take the mask tool and to draw around to the horizon Which is the building in this case, you know have a daylight shot with an evening sky You can also swap it of course and maybe edits that to the beat of your next music video Sky replacement number three if you can find yourself a blue sky Then you are lucky because this is the sky replacement that could give you the best results in from your pro I’m going to search for the ultra key and drag that to the clip with the color picker from the effects I select the blue sky to remove it use these settings below to further tweak your peeing if you change the outputs to alpha Channel You can see the mask everything white is what you’re going to see and the black will be removed now Just go ahead and place your desired sky finita clip This is something that I got from story blocks, which is an online library packed with high quality. 4k stock lips Our story vlogs is our sponsor But we’re also a heavy user ourselves almost with every project or something that we can use from story blocks such as an effects positions Etc. You can download unlimited video assets for a single price per year, which makes their library So interesting to check it out yourself you can visit the first link in the description below now as an extra touch You could use the metric to color greater shots to make it match better with the sky For example make it darker add some contrast and change the white balance to blue to make it seem more like a night scene If your sky is not so blue in other words the weather is bad You can also just film against a cloudy sky I pay attention in your shots that you have a clear difference Between the white or gray sky and everything else in your shots in the dhobi Premiere Pro We’re going to start off by searching for the curves effect and drag that to the clip You can also use the curves from lumetri if you like Both are the same the top right of the curse represented the highlights So by adding a point a little down on that line and pushing the upper parts to the left We’re going to make their gray sky even whiter the more contrast that you can get the easier the sky Replacement will go next up first for new luma key effects and drag that to the clip as well lower the threshold Until your subject or your Rison is not skied out anymore. And then you can increase the cutoff to remove the sky now You’re probably gonna be left with a white border around Yourself and it’s just very hard to get rid of that with a luma key But we can fix that apply the ultra key effects to the clip as well not going to use the keying option in here But we are going to scroll down and look for the matte cleanup properties from here We can choke the luma keying or feather the edge finally place your favorite background clip underneath that clip again And this one also came from story blocks The next sky replacement is going to be a green screen which you can do inside or outside That doesn’t matter what is important though is that your green screen is going to be lit Evenly, you don’t want to see any wrinkles and you don’t want to see any shadow so that’s why this portable green screen is ideal because it’s tightened within this frame and that way it’s always Wrinkle free now the idea is to kill yourself Completely out and put yourself into a different backgrounds. Now what is important though? Is that your lighting is going to be somehow the same as the background and we’re going to work with the Northern Lights Which will fortunately didn’t see when I travel to Iceland. So that’s why we’re going to fake it to tape The Northern Lights is something bright in the sky So that’s why I’m going to step forward and become a silhouette an angelic right here is going to shine this green tinted light unto my face which is the Reflection of the Northern Lights like before film from a tripod now Jenna get shining green light until Lorenzo’s face But because the luminous level between the lights on my face and a green screen in the back is so different It’s actually not going to be a problem in Premiere Pro when using the ultra key You don’t only select the green color in your shots But also the luminance and saturation level of that green selection silhouettes is also something easy to key because you have this big contrast between the subject and the green screen very important is that You know upfront what your background is going to be see you where the light comes from in dead Backgrounds and to recreate it in front of your green screen So after you pull the key go back into your opacity property siggi pen tool and mask away anything else from the scene? You might want to add a Gaussian blur effect to the subjects to make it appear a little bit out of focus Because it’s it’s closer to the lens And that was it again, thank you all so much for watching thank you story blogs for the supports and like always Stay creative. Yeah Yeah, yeah That’s okay already let’s get back to the studio. All right, let’s get back