– I did it! – Not a chance! – Ugh, I should be on Teens React. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – Hi, I’m Mary, a React Producer. – And I’m Brandon from Adults React. We wanna tell you about
a brand new show called Epic Night that we made with eko. – Epic Night follows four friends
on their graduation night. But how their night ends up
is up to you. And guess what?
Brandon’s in the show! – That’s right!
I play this guy named Rufus who is quite the character. And I’m not the only familiar face
you’ll be seeing in the show. You’ll probably recognize
a bunch of other people from the React cast
and YouTubers, like Matt Smith and Brandon Rogers that show up in different paths
of the story, and the show stars, of course,
Jacob Latimore, Sasha Pieterse, Karan Brar, and Jessica Sula. – You all have been asking
for us to make content like this that puts you in control, and we are just so excited to
share this scripted series with you. All four episodes are live,
and each time you watch you can create a completely different
version of the show. There are over 12 endings,
and thousands of variations of this one very epic night. We’re gonna show you
a full trailer of Epic Night so you can see
just what you’re in for. Then click the link in the description
to watch Epic Night on eko. You decide how the night unfolds. – (FBE) On a scale from one to 10, Scott.
– Okay. – (FBE) How good are you
at being an adult? – Oh my gosh.
It depends on who you ask! – It really depends
on the day, but just because I know
how to do something doesn’t mean I necessarily do it,
you know what I mean? (laughs) – I think I’m doing okay,
but like I still have a little more adulting to do,
to work on. – (FBE) So today,
we are going to show you five things any adult
should probably know how to do, and see if you’re doing them wrong. – I’m probably doing ’em wrong! – (FBE) Are you ready to see
how bad at being an adult you are? – Uh, I already see it
every day, but… – (FBE) Aw. – Let’s go take a look
at these clips! ♪ (playful music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, so let’s bring in
this fitted sheet. – Oh no! (laughs) The bane of my existence. They’re the most difficult thing
in the world! Like, it’s this, right here! Like you can’t line it up,
I always try and line it up, you know? And then it ends up being this
saggy mess, which is kinda, it was my nickname in high school. (Marie speaks in Japanese) – Oh, I love her so much. – Okay, got it. – She makes it look so easy! – Great. – Her voice just like gives me chills,
I just love her voice. – I’m not organized enough for this.
(laughs) – (laughs) Not a chance! – Did someone start their period?
(laughs) – (FBE) Someone spilled wine. – (laughs) That offends me
on two levels, one, you didn’t offer me any,
and two, why are you wasting alcohol? – I tend to kinda just like
shove my fitted sheets in like storage bins,
instead of actually folding them. – I think I got it,
I think I got it. So, you have to fold it
into thoids, to thoids, that was the direction. – (sighs) This is gonna
get frustrating. I’m supposed to fold them in. – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– Okay. – Okay, so, I’m just gonna, nope! – She was on the floor,
she had an advantage. She’s cheating! I already forgot how to do it. – Was it halves?
It was thirds, then halves. – And then you fold it in here. Like this, you guys really
set us up to fail. – I don’t know,
this doesn’t feel right. Uh, it’s all lumpy! – Such a mess!
Oh! – This is why
I don’t use fitted sheets. I have them, I have lots of ’em,
but I don’t use ’em. – And then goes like this.
Then like this, then like this. – It’s actually a lot better.
– (FBE) That doesn’t look bad! – I hate to admit it, it’s not bad. – Oh, this is ugly! Hers is so pretty! – This is it!
– (FBE) Yeah. – I did it! – (FBE) I mean, that’s not too bad. – Yeah, I feel like this isn’t bad. Like this, it did the trick. – Alright, there we have it.
Eh, that’s not too shabby. – This is honestly a skill
I’d never thought I’d attain. And the funniest part is
it was as easy as watching a 30 second video. – Now I’m really smiling. Like, I’m genuinely smiling.
(laughs) Oh my gosh! – (FBE) Do you know how to open
a bottle of wine? – I know how. (laughs) But the real question is
can I do it? – I don’t know, I’m horrible. I break the cork
like every single time. – Hi friend.
Hello friend. Hello better friend. Okay, let’s watch this together. – (host) I’m gonna use this
waiter’s friend to open a bottle of wine. First, cut the foil. Once around the front.
– Okay. – (host) And once around the back. – I didn’t know this was on here. – Hers is more serrated than this one.
I’m a little nervous. Oh, eh! – I don’t always do that. Sometimes I just
stick it right in and go. – (host) Just off center,
and rotate it… – That makes a lot of sense. See, I’m learning things
I didn’t know! – Ah! I didn’t know this was called
a waiter’s friend. – (host) The screw will have
just one curl left if you’ve done it right. Start levering on the first step. – Oh, what?
It’s got steps! Who knew? – See, that’s my first mistake.
I just kinda go like. – Oh, I wanted that sound. That sound when the cork pops,
so satisfying. – Really, oop, oh, okay. I don’t, I can’t tell
if this is cutting, or if I’m just like
making a dent. – I feel, oh God. – I think it’s good,
and then she went like, she made a little line
across the top, right? – See how I’m just
rotating the bottle. – Look at that! Perfectly, alright. See if I can continue
this momentum. – Ah, there we go! Alright, yay! – Okay, okay, here we go. – Get a little bit more,
a little extra love! – Wait, I think it’s coming along. (tool clicks)
Almost. (laughs) – This is one of the many reasons
I’m a sad excuse for an adult. Ugh, I should be on Teens React. – See, told ya,
I’m not experienced with this. So I go, oh, what?
No! And then I got one. – And then now I’ve got
real leverage. Psych!
Hold on. – Here we go. Oh, nope, there’s some cork in there. – (FBE) (laughs) Alright, well,
you tried. – I did my best. – (FBE) Wiggle it out!
(cork pops) – For real? (cork pops) – (laughs) Results, right? (cork pops)
– Oop! (gasps) (laughs)
– (FBE) (laughs) It’s open! – I need this whole bottle
after this experience. – Oh, I missed this step.
There, I think, but that’s okay. – (FBE) Dang! You’ve done that
the most efficiently. (Sharon sighs) – I didn’t break it!
That’s amazing. – I’m doing better than I expected, if I’m being completely honest. – (FBE) How would you typically
get stains out? – Um, well I mainly wear all black, so that I don’t
have to deal with stains. – (FBE) For our next one, we’re
going to have you get a stain out. – Okay.
– (FBE) Using white wine. – Nice!
Interesting. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – Okay, white wine and towel. What are you doing? – That was a perfectly good
white shirt, and she just… – Blot it, yeah,
you’re not supposed to like rub. You blot, I learned that. – That seems like a lot of work
for a cheap shirt. – And wash.
Wow! – Wash?
I don’t see any washers in here. – (FBE) We don’t have
a washer here, but we’re gonna have you
use that white wine to blot that stain out.
– Awesome! – Alright, so just a little dab
will do ya! – Alright, so there’s
a lot of blotting. You’re not supposed
to smear stains anyway, right? – Is this already open,
or is this a twist top, because I’m incapable
of opening anything with a cork. Bah, eh, ope. – Alright, she put it on the towel. – This is very satisfying.
Is that weird? – Man, like new, already! – Okay, I guess this works. This isn’t how
I would choose to do it. I would just use club soda. I would not waste wine. – It looks like it’s starting
to go away. I’m gonna use a little bit more. – And this is the part
of the stain removal, where you think man,
I really shouldn’t have had that extra glass,
where I spilled it all over. – I guess it worked.
Look! – (FBE) Yeah, it starts
to neutralize it, then you wash it,
and it goes away. – Yeah, yeah, yeah!
That’s pretty good. – (FBE) Have you ever had
to do CPR before? – No, but I really
would love to learn how. – (FBE) Meet Carl.
– Hi Carl. Nice to meet ya, buddy. – (narrator) C is for Circulation. Circulation means the flow
of blood around the body, and when the heart stops pumping,
we need to take over this role by pushing down hard and fast
on the chest. Start by placing the heel
of one hand at the center of the person’s chest, and interlock your fingers
like this. – I remember this. – (narrator) With arms straightened,
press down hard and fast, letting the chest come up fully…
– Okay. – (narrator) …each time. Fast means around two times
every second. And hard means that the chest
needs to go down by about five centimeters. – Oh, I’m not gonna be
able to do this. – (narrator) This might sound a lot,
but you do need to push hard for it to be effective.
– Never do this on someone whose heart is beating,
it’ll kill ’em. – Yeah. – (narrator) After every
30 compressions. – Tilt the head, hold the chin,
squeeze that nose. – (narrator) Or are not comfortable,
just keep going with hands only. – Yeah, [bleep] them,
who cares if they live or die, you’re just not comfortable with it. – (narrator) If someone else
is with you, swap over if you
begin to feel tired, and don’t stop until either
a health professional takes over or the person is definitely
breathing normally. – Alright, I mean, I feel like
that’s not too, too difficult. But of course, when someone’s life
is in your hands, I’m sure, like it’s not
the easiest thing. – Okay, wait, I think I need
to switch, yeah that’s, no, this is more comfortable.
Alright. – Is it two, it’s,
is he breath, ow! This hurts, I can’t imagine
on a real person, ow! – Can you hear me?
You check for a pulse. And then you go
“please call 911!” One and two and three
and four and five! – You put your heel
of your hand right there, and you wanna keep it straight,
and you just… And that’s probably too slow actually. – This is reminding me
a lot of the episode of The Office where they did CPR
to the tune of Staying Alive. – ♪ Ah ah ♪ (laughs)
♪ Staying alive ♪ – I’m so sorry, Carl! Say hi to my grandma for me. – Tilt their chin up
to open up the airway, and hold it there, plug the nose
so air’s not coming out that way. And you give two breaths,
and you listen, and you check, and then you go back
to chest compressions. – Oh God! Okay, I think I’m supposed
to go faster. – (FBE) Well you gotta
clear his airway. (laughs) – One and two and three
and four and five. But I’d put my mouth over it,
but I don’t know whose mouth’s been over it. – Welp.
Lived a good life. What do you think?
Do you think I saved him? – I think we might lose Carl today,
I’m so sorry. I know that he was
a new employee. – I definitely wanna actually
like go take a CPR class. It’s something I’ve been
wanting to do for a while. – Okay Carl, hang in there. Somebody’s on his way,
you’re gonna be okay. You’re okay, stay away from the, Carl, stay away from
the God damn light, Carl! – (FBE) Did you learn anything today? – I learned that I can
absolutely not do CPR, and most wine bottles,
I will probably destroy in the process of trying
to open them. – If we have some friends over
and they bring some wine, I know how to open that. If they choke on that wine,
I can give them CPR. (laughs) And I can remove the stain
after I’ve resuscitated them. Then I can remove the stain
from their clothing. It’s, I mean, it all ties together. – You guys are graduating tonight? This is graduation night?
– Yes it is! – Oh, it’s gonna be
such a big night! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – (Lillis) You gonna make that happen? – For the milionth time,
we’re friends. – Sure. – Guys, everyone I’ve talked to
is going to Zio tonight, we have to get tickets!
I need to dance! I’m not staying here all night. – There could be a parallel universe
where I have to have a totally different best friend,
like that guy! – Rufus. – ♪ It’s one o’clock in the morning ♪ – (Jess) Martin?
– (Lillis) Who you coming with? – (driver) Every choice
you make tonight will determine the rest of your lives. – Peace! – (driver) Choices you make!
– Sorry, I fold. – No, reverse! You know, in UNO,
you can reverse this shit, right? – Decisions matter! – You know we’re not defined
by what we do after graduation, right? Is there anything
you wanna tell me? – ♪ I could be your number one ♪ – (friend) Are you kidding me? – I’m sorry, I thought…
– No Martin! You didn’t think!
Now you know. – ♪ If you call my number ♪
♪ I can run in like them Rebels ♪ – I want you guys
to remember this moment. Thank you for always
making me feel special. – ♪ ‘Cause in your inbox girl ♪
♪ My name keeps sliding down ♪ – You guys are really
important to me. We’ve been running around
all night like maniacs, and I’ll never forget it. I wouldn’t choose to have
an imperfect night with anyone else. – ♪ And if you call my number ♪
♪ I can run in like them Rebels ♪ ♪ Up in UNLV ♪ ♪ I know my roof is higher ♪
♪ Than that old cathedral spire ♪ ♪ I see cutting through the trees ♪
♪ Yeah ♪ – Thanks for watching
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