Hi I’m Cherylin and today we are going to
be replacing the clutch assembly in a Kenmore washer. We will need to replace the clutch
assembly if your washer is not spinning or not spinning fast enough; causing the clothes
to still be soaking wet when you take them out. This repair should only take about 45
minutes. [music] For this repair we are going to need several
tools. A flat head screwdriver, A pair of channel locks/pliers, 9/16 socket wrench,
1/2 inch socket wrench, and a half inch drive extension. If you don’t already have a new
clutch assembly they are available for purchase on our website. BEFORE REPAIRING YOUR WASHER, MAKE SURE TO
we need to remove is the softener dispenser. Some will just pull right out, others like
this model have a locking ring. Just lift up on the locking ring and you will be able
to lift the softener dispenser out. This model has a cap, we need to remove it with a flat
head screwdriver. Just pry it up and it will give us access to our agitator cam. in order
to get the agitator cam we will need to remove the plastic fastener in the middle we are
going to need to use a 1/2 inch drive extension in other models there is often a dust cap
that you will need to remove and under that there is a bolt that you can remove with a
7/16 socket wrench. In this case we are just going to need to remove the plastic fastiner
you may need to hold the bottom. Now if you lift up on the augor you can set that to the
side. Now we take our 9/16 socket wrench. Remove the bolt at the bottom of the agitator.
Now you can lift the base out and set it to the side. There is a metal clip down here along with
the plastic piece you can either use plyers to remove this piece or use your hands. I’ll
just slide this off and then remove this plastic piece. Next we are going to remove the hoses on the
back of the washer. We are going to need our channel lock plyers. There may be some water
that falls out so you may want to lay down a towel on the ground before you start. Now we can remove the drain hose. We will
take our channel locks again and squeeze off the clamp on the bottom of the hose. Next,
we are going to need to lay down the washer on it’s back so we can have access to the
bottom of the machine. You may want to lay down a towel on the ground just to make sure
the floor is protected. Be very careful, the machine is very heavy. If you need any help,
make sure to get someone else to help you with this. We will start by removing the clips
on the pump with our flathead screwdriver. They turn and slide out. There are two of
them. You can leave that one in. Lift up on the pump and push it back to the side. Next
we are going to disconnect the electrical to the motor. So lift up on this tab with
the flat head screwdriver and pull it out. There is also another little white wire connected
to the motor, just pull it off. Next we are going to disconnect the wire harness with
our flathead screwdriver. Just lift those right out. There are three half inch bolts
on the transmission, we need our socket wrench to get those off. Now we can pull out the transmission. You
need to pull it straight out and then lay it down on a towel because there may be some
oil on it. so here we have the clutch. we are going to start by taking off the ring,
just slide it right up. Next we are going to remove the metal ring right at the bottom.
We are going to use our flat head screwdriver to pry it out. Now we need to remove the little retaining
ring down here. we will take our flathead screwdriver to pry it out. Now we can slide
the clutch right off. And lastly, slide off the retaining clip. Next we need to take off
the C clamp here so just pry that right off. And then you can take off the break cam driver.
So here we have our new clutch assembly. It comes with a new clutch, plastic retainer
clip, a retainer ring, and a break cam driver. You will also have an extra green spring,
you may need to install this instead of the blue spring that is in the clutch. Just follow
the instructions if you need to do that. We will start by installing the plastic clip
onto the transmission. it will snap into place. Now we can install the new retainer ring.
It slides right down onto the transmission. it lines up with the hole in the clutch, you
can use your flat head to reinstall that ring. Push it down into place. Next we are going to reinstall the D clip.
It will line up right with the grooves on the transmission pole. Just push that right
on. Now we can install the new break cam driver. there are two little notches on the back of
the break cam driver, just make sure that those line up with the holes. Now you can
reinstall the C clamp. it slides right on. Lastly, reinstall that ring on top of the
transmission. Just push it into place. Now we are ready to reinstall the transmission
in the motor. When we stick this in we are going to make sure that the spring on the
clutch is opposite to the spring on the frame just so they line up properly. Now line up
the screw docks to make sure that we can bolt in those nuts properly. now we can bolt in
those 1/2 inch nuts. Re clip in the wiring into the wiring harness, Install the white
wire into the terminal, and reinstall the wiring harness. If the top clip is falling
out of the motor, just reinstall it before we put the pump back into place. Just turn
it into place. Then put the pump back on the shaft of the motor. It just needs to line
up with the flat edges. Push it down so it is square on the motor. Then you can push
the top clip into place. Now we are ready to set the washer back up.
Now we can install the drain hose. Take your channel locks and shift it into place. Now
we can reinstall the hoses. The blue goes to cold, screw it on as tight as you can with
your hand, and then tighten it up with the channel locks. And then red goes to hot. Now we are ready to reassemble the agitator.
So we will start by replacing the white plastic piece. It should fit right into that hole.
It should not be able to move too much, then reinstall the metal clip that goes on top
of it. Now we can replace the base right on top. Push that down into place. Now we can
take our 9/16 bolt and get that ready to bolt that back into place. Now we can reassemble
the top of the agitator, we will start by placing the auger, then we will insert the
agitator cam. And finally we can insert the spring in the fastener. We can replace the
agitator cap and finally replace the softener dispenser. This one pushes down and then just
push down on the locking ring. And that’s all there is to it! Here is a recap. All of our OEM parts and tools are available
for purchase on our website. Check them out as well as our social media sites here.