Hi my name is Bill and today I’m going to
be showing you how to replace the ice auger motor on your refrigerator The reason why you would have to replace this motor is because your auger is not turning and not dispensing ice For this repair, you’ll need a quarter inch nut driver, a flat head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of channel locks Warning, before doing any repairs
please disconnect your power source For this demonstration, I’ll be using an Electrolux refrigerator This is a side-by-side fridge Keep in mind though that your fridge may be a little bit different, but the same technique should still apply We’re going to open up the freezer door So we’re going to take out this plastic panel And we’re going to take out our ice holder Now, to get the ice maker out We’re going to take out two screws that
are holding it in So I’m going to use my quarter inch nut driver to remove both screws Now we don’t have to unscrew it all the way Unscrew it part way And then just release, or just lift up, on the ice maker And we can pull it out a little bit And now we have to undo the wire harness And we can remove the ice maker Take our quarter inch nut driver again We’re going to get two screws that are in the bottom here holding this in Now that we’ve got those two screws out Get that out of its spot And we’re going to have to unplug this
one too So Once we get it pulled out a little bit We’re going to unplug this right from the back wall here I’ll use my hands Just like that And pull this right out Alright, so now i’m going to remove these screws with our Phillips head screwdriver Now that those screws are off We can remove this entire section And what we’ll do here, because this is plugged in We’ll move this, right from there We got a couple screws on top of this We’re going to be removing those as well And we’re going to flip it around And we’re going to remove the screws from the bottom And with those screws off Now take off the back piece here Set that off to the side So now we’re going to take a pair of channel locks Grab on to the motor shaft Just like that Put it right against the surface here so it doesn’t move anywhere We’re going to hold it there Now we’re going to take this auger spinning part And we’re going to twist the opposite way Because it is reversed right on So, we’re just going to take this off, just like that And then the next thing we need to do Is take out the three screws that are holding the motor in place Okay Now we can just lift this up That motor will come right out So we’re just going to take the wires out and keep in mind where they are Like that And now we’re going to take the other one out, it’s the grounding wire We just got to take that screw out And there we go We got that off We’ll set that off to the side Now, you can grab your new OEM replacement motor, if you don’t have one already you can find one on our online
store Okay so now We’ll take our grounding wire and i’ll screw that in first Now, i’m going to line this up here With our holes, before I plug anything else in And i’m going to flip this back over And we’ll screw this part back in too Now we’ll tighten those down all the way There we go Now flip this back over And we’ll plug these two guys back in There we go Now we can take our channel locks, grab on to this again Spin this on as much as we can That’s nice and tight on there So now we’re going to take the plastic back and we’re going to put that back on And what we’re going to do Flip this back over Just like that Line up all of our holes And flip it upside down Make sure this wiring harness is right in the hole there And we’ll put in our other two screws There we go Now that that’s back on, we can get our metal shelf And make sure that power temperature sensor lines up right here with our plug Like that And we’ll plug this back in And now Use this, so that it all fits back together There we go Now we just have to line the holes up again Start on this side Alright Now that we have that put back together We open up our freezer again Set that back there And plug that back in Just like that Alright, now we can grab our quarter inch nut driver And we’ll screw these bottom screws back in We’ll plug that back in And the wire harness is plugged in And now, we can turn it and adjust it so that we can slide these two tabs right on top the screws again Once we’ve done that, we can tighten them up Now we can replace out ice shelf And we can replace this plastic shelf as well And now, your repair is complete Finally, don’t forget to plug in your appliance If you need to replace any parts for your appliance, you can find an OEM replacement part on our website PCAppliancerepair.com Thanks for watching, and please don’t forget to like comment and share our video Also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel; your support helps us make more videos just like these for you to watch for free