– Oh! I never
even saw that girl! – Ah! The hat turned blue!
The hat turned blue! Get outta here! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we are going
to be showing you 10 clips from television shows,
and the challenge is to spot the mistakes.
– Oh, god. I’m so bad at these. (laughs)
– (claps) Fun, fun, fun, fun. I think I’m super good at this.
I work in television and have for the last 26 years.
– (FBE) And once again, we fit in three flaws in the episode
for our audience to find. If you find all three
in the first 48 hours, then you could win
official React merch. – What? You guys could win
something like this? – (FBE) First up, we’ve got
a scene from the finale of Game of Thrones.
– Ooh! Is it a water bottle? – I feel like I know.
I saw something about a Starbucks cup. – Oh, I could spot
the mistake off the bat. This whole season!
– I’m one of the few people who doesn’t watch the show, so…
– Oh, wait. I know this one. I know this one. Water bottle. – ♪ Dun, dun, dun ♪
It’s a water bottle! I could see it from here
if you look really close. – Yes, the famed water bottle
in the shot next to the feet. – (FBE) So, did you spot the flaw?
– I definitely did not. – I didn’t even notice anything.
– It was a water bottle behind his chair.
– This scene had, I think, one or two water bottles
below the chairs. – It was a water bottle.
– (FBE) Where? – It was by the dude’s leg.
– (FBE) Where? – It’s right next to his leg.
I-I don’t… – (FBE) Point it out.
– Get ready to pause it. Pause! Oh! It wasn’t there!
Ohh! You yeeted me! – (FBE) Well, to start out,
we actually tricked you. This scene from Game of Thrones
originally did have a flaw. However, HBO edited out
the hidden water bottle located behind this chair.
– Ohhh! – (FBE) So, the one on the right
is the one that you just watched. – That’s crazy.
– (FBE) Whereas in the actual live release of it,
it had the water bottle clearly in frame.
– Dammit. You got me. – I never saw it the first time.
Only in the Twitterverse did this even come to most people
I know’s attention. But I’ve seen the clip
so many times now you just know where to look for it.
But you guys got me. I didn’t really see it.
– (Rachel) Your agent called! You got that audition!
– (Joey) With Leonard Hayes? – (Rachel) Yes!
– (Joey) Oh my god. That is great! – Oh my god.
Such a good episode. – (Joey) It’s for a play
on Broadway and in a real theater, not that little one
underneath the deli like last time. – I’m trying to pay attention
to the walls, I don’t know. – (Rachel) And Leonard Hayes
is starring in it. – (Joey) Yeah, yeah, and directing.
– I’m trying to think of– Is it anything in the background?
– (Joey) Yeah, he’s done some amazing work.
– (Rachel) Oh, yeah. Oh! I loved him in the…
– It’s– where is it? – (Joey) I know.
When the monkeys hits him in the face with the…
– The magnets. It’s gotta be the magnets.
– I’m looking at everything. – (Joey) Don’t make me
more nervous than I already am! (canned laughter) – Did her shirt change at
the very end or am I tripping? – I didn’t see a damn thing
wrong with that scene. – I looked at every detail,
trying to figure it out but couldn’t get it.
– I checked the magnets. I checked the leaves
in the background. I checked their shorts,
their color-coordinated outfits. I couldn’t find it.
– Jennifer Aniston’s clothes are different.
Her hair’s parted different. Her clothes. Her bracelet.
Her earrings. Her face!
– (FBE) Her face? Okay, well, if that’s your guess,
then you’re actually 100% right, because Jennifer Aniston’s
body double actually made it into the scene.
– Whaaat?! (laughs) Come on! Ah, that’s a pretty big one. – What the hell?! Oh my god! Whaat?! – Oh! I never even saw that girl!
oh my god! How did I miss that? – (laughs) I didn’t see that.
I just saw the shirt. I did not see the whole damn face.
– (FBE) Next up, we’re gonna have a clip from the show Supernatural.
– Yes! Let’s go! Finally! After all these years, I get to
watch something Supernatural related. – (Dean) Jared, check it out.
The razor, it’s closed in this one, but it’s open in that one.
– (Meg) What are you guys looking for? – It’s a good episode.
I miss her. – (Dean) Well, if the spirit’s
changing aspects of the painting, maybe it’s doing so for a reason.
– Interesting that it’s continuity inside the episode
about continuity. – (Sam) Painting in the painting.
– Okay. Okay. I’m looking. – (Dean) Looks like a crypt
or mausoleums. – Nope. Not a thing. (chuckles)
– I’m not sure. I didn’t spot it, and I’m a fan. How dare I?
– I have no idea. – Two papers. The guy’s
facing sideways and one’s facing forward. No?
– (FBE) That’s part of the episode. So, this one is actually
a little disputed, especially among Supernatural fans.
It’s subtle. So, instead of saying “Sam”…
– He says “Jared.” – (FBE) …he says “Jared.”
So, that’s the thing. So, it’s subtle. Some people say
you can hear what you wanna hear. But if you listen carefully,
he definitely doesn’t say “Sam.” – Okay. I need to hear this now.
– (Dean) Jared, check it out. – (sucks in breath) I mean,
it’s really short. But I feel like
definitely “Jared.” – (Dean) Jared, check it out.
– I hear like a mix, like he’s calling him “Jam.”
– Ohhh! Yeah. I would 100% say he said “Jared.”
– Jaaa, check it out. Like, yeah. – I hear like a slur at the beginning.
Jam. Jam. Jam, check it out. – (Dewey) Mooom! Nooooo! – (Lois) Fire? Fire?! – Nope. (laughs) I think I’m the worst person
to ever do this challenge. – I’m like blind.
I’m very blind. I feel like this is
the most obvious one. – There’s someone in the background
that you could totally see that’s not part of the family.
– So, I feel like I saw someone in the back room when Dewey
went around to go get his mom. – (FBE) So, that was
a pretty big screw up. There is actually a crew member.
– Yeah, in the background. (laughs) See, I thought they were doing
laundry in the background, though. – Did not think
that was a crew member. Totally thought that was just
a [bleep] character. – That’s a big whoops.
They’re really not supposed to be there. (chuckles)
– How are people not catching these things before they hit the air
or before they finish filming? – (FBE) Well, next up,
we’ve got a Simpsons mistake. – Sweet.
– (FBE) This one is from season six. This is the episode where Marge
is pregnant with Maggie. – Whoa! – (Homer) Hi, honey.
How are you? – (Marge) Well, actually–
– (Homer) Oh, I can’t go on with this charade any longer!
– I’m probably bad at this also, because I have awful eyes. (chuckles)
– (Homer) I hate my job. I hate my life.
And ever since I found out about this baby, there’s been
nothing but bad luck. – I think I saw it.
– (Marge) …contractions started an hour ago.
– (Homer) It’s just in one ear and out the other with you…
– Yikes. I didn’t get it. – No, not one thing.
And I’m looking! (chuckles) This is comical.
This is getting to be comical. What’s the matter with me?!
– Was there a picture of Maggie on the wall?
– I saw it! In the background, there’s a painting of Maggie.
– I saw a photo of Maggie in the top left of the screen.
– (FBE) In this one, this is why we mentioned
the context in the beginning, because despite being
pregnant with Maggie… – Yes?
– (FBE) …there is a photo of Maggie. – Ohhhh! Right there
in the corner! – Oh! Maggie! Ohhhh!
– I don’t know. I almost feel like this is something
they’d wanna put in just to screw with people,
to see if they notice. – (Fry) Come on, Bender.
You can do it! – (Bender) Can’t.
I can’t do it! (metal creaking)
– (Fry) Yes! – (Bender laughs)
You were right, Fry. From now on…
– What’s different?! – (Bender) …I’m going
to bend what I want when I want, who I want.
I’m unstoppable! (metal clatters)
– (chuckles) – (Bender) Ah.
– I didn’t catch it. – Was it with the bars?
They looked like they snapped, but then when– it looked
like they came off cleanly. – Bars were wrong!
I know bars were wrong! – Did the bars reappear
on the wall? – The poles in the background,
I still saw them… unbent. – I feel like the bars
were in place after he had already taken them out.
– Was the bar there? It wasn’t, and then it was?
(laughs) Yeah! (claps) – (FBE) So, this one actually
has to do with the bars behind him. So, moments after
he breaks the bars off, they cut to a close-up shot of Bender holding the bars,
yet they’re still attached to the window.
– Oh my god. – Please, please, God.
I just needed one win. – (FBE) There you go.
– I just needed one win. – (FBE) You got it.
– Oh, thank god. – (FBE) It was the bars.
– Okay. Okay. Phew! – Mm-hmm. (snaps) Can’t fool me.
Detective Tom. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – (man groaning)
(canned laughter) – (Hilary) Carlton, stand up.
You’re drooling on my pumps. – (chuckles)
He hasn’t aged. – (Carlton) My legs
are like rubber. – I did not catch it, no.
– I didn’t see [bleep]. – I feel like the girl
in the back changed clothes. – (FBE) Yeah, I can’t imagine
how the crew missed this one, but there is clearly
a mic pack visible on her dress.
– (gasps) OHHHH! Yeah. Come on.
– I do audio and mic packs for The Young and The Restless
on occasion. Like, that’s literally one
of my jobs. – The fact that it’s white
and then it has black tape on it makes it really stick out.
I didn’t notice it before, though. – (FBE) Next up, we have
a scene from… – (snaps)
– (FBE) SpongeBob SquarePants! – Let’s go!
– It’s me, SpongeBob. – (Mrs. Puff screams)
– I remember this episode. – (Mrs. Puff) It’s you.
What are you doing here? Why did you follow me
in here? Why?! – (guard) Ah, all right, Mrs. Puff.
– I’m never gonna notice. I’m telling you right now.
– (guard) This heat’s gone to your head.
If you’re gonna talk to rocks, I guess it’s time for you
to go on kitchen duty. – (Mrs. Puff) Yes!
It must be the heat. Yes. – Oh, I saw it.
That was weird. – Ah! The hat turned blue!
The hat turned blue! Get outta here! – (SpongeBob) No, wait!
(rock crumbling) There goes our deposit
on these costumes. – I have no idea.
– Was it… her pickaxe? – The hat turned blue.
How have I never seen that before? – It went from red
to purpleish-blue. (laughs) – Yeah, her hat changed
blue to red. That was weird. – (FBE) So, in this scene,
Mrs. Puff’s hat actually changes colors.
– That’s so crazy. – (FBE) But keep in mind,
this is not two different shots. These are two frames apart.
– Wait, what?! In the middle?! So, as you’re playing,
you could literally see it change color?
– That was really bad, and I STILL didn’t catch it! – “Happy first birthday Meg.”
– (Peter) Lois! You’re not gonna believe this.
– Oh, there are so many details. – (Lois) Her first words?
– (Peter) Then she stood up all by herself and started walkin’!
– Her first steps? – (Peter) Yeah!
– It probably already happened, and I already missed it. ♪ (drum solo) ♪ – (Peter) All right!
Her first drum solo! – (laughs) Ah, I was just
laughing at the episode. – I have no clue
what I was looking at. – Did the cups kinda disappear?
Or were they just out of the shot? – (FBE) Once again, it was animators
not getting their colors correct. – Oh my gosh!
– (FBE) In this episode’s case, Meg’s cake goes from light pink on top
and dark pink on bottom to dark pink on top,
light pink on bottom. And it switches back and forth
multiple times throughout the scene. – Wow. Two different people
worked on it, 100%. – Guess they tried it out
a bunch of times, and they were like, “Eh, both.”
– (FBE) And finally, to wrap up this episode, we are
gonna be looking at a clip from… How I Met Your Mother.
– (gasps) I love that show. My favorite show, actually.
I never saw any error. Wait! (laughs) – (Barney) What are we talking about?
– (Marshall) Woody Allen is eating at Gregor’s, and Robin thinks
that we should go see him. – (Barney) Psht. Why would I do that?
I’ll see him at Poker on Tuesday. – (Robin) Oh, come on!
If we jump in a cab, we’ll be there in 15 minutes.
– (Lily) A real New Yorker would know the subway’s faster.
You just take the one and transfer to the two-three.
– The laptop was not there. – (Marshall) I can run
faster than a bus. – (Ted) Dude, that’s like seven miles.
You can’t do that. You can’t beat the bus.
– Oh, the mistake… is using Bing.
– (Robin) Is anyone else suddenly craving green eggs and ham? – Was he not sitting there
with that computer when Barney first sat down and then
all of a sudden he appears? – Barney wasn’t holding
a beer before, was he? – Is it the wine glass?
It’s empty, then it’s not. – He wasn’t in the frame at all.
Obviously, it’s different camera angles, maybe different spots.
– Was that not a map– the correct map that he pulled up?
– (FBE) Despite looking at this map of New York City
where the show takes place, it is very clear that whoever…
– Oh! – (FBE) …took this screenshot
was in Los Angeles, California. – I never would’ve caught that.
This is definitely a little more forgivable.
I don’t think a ton of people would catch that.
– Whoever even found this is a genius. I would never. I could
watch this scene 5,000 times, and I never would’ve figured that out.
– There was a few where I was like, “Ah, I should’ve seen that.”
But some other ones, they’re just so minor
and things happen so quickly, the normal brain just watching it
won’t catch a majority of these mistakes until
someone points it out. – I thought that I would do better,
and I thought that I’d be a lot more observant,
but I don’t know. I feel like a lot of these things,
because you’re focused on something else,
you don’t necessarily notice that there’s something off.
– I do like it when these things happen, though.
It’s cool. It kind of breaks the fourth wall
a little bit, if you will. It just reminds you
that they’re all people just doing a job
like everybody else. – Thank you for watching us
find the TV show flaws on the React Channel.
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