May peace be with you. It is 5th of May today. This is a pear tree, pear no 1. Over here, you can see, on this branch, wood is visible in the middle. This branch has been damaged. Now I shall present another way of grafting and if there is a damage on tree which could be by wild animal or disease, how it can be repaired. and saved from dieing. Now I have this scion from another tree. This variety is ‘ clapp’s favourite’ and this other variety is ‘condo’ You can repair using the same variety and graft but I had this one, which I shall use and I shall repair it with this one. Although you can use a smaller branch, but this branch is bent and twisted and after the damage, growth has taken another angle so I shall need to bend it and I do not want to bend it too much as it will be under stress for excessive bend First of all, make cuts on both ends of scion. This cut on one side. Try to make a straight cut as you graft depends on how straight your cut is and a cut on its back’ ; back cut; Now using same method, add a cut on this end on both sides one on this side Now make sure that it is fitted right way This part has been cut off the tree and that is upper part Put it on the branch In your mind remember its length and adjust it make two long cuts and width of cut should be equal or bit more Make a cut here and a cut to separate the bark so scion can easily be fitted and if you are doing it at right time then bark should come off easy. It has come off and see there is no part attached with wood Keeping in mind its other end that is one cut and second cut, and parallel make another cut inward so in the gap, scion fits in easy Push the bark back in and fit this side first. I have temporarily fitted one side I have secured both ends using rubber band so they do not move. Using this plastic strip I shall tie it firmly so that it does not move That completes one side, now to other side Try not to leave a gap when tieing Other side is complete as well. Scion used for repair, name of its variety and grafting date is on label. and that completes the job. In this vast universe, I am millions time smaller than a dot If you lose me once, it will be hard to find me again. To avoid that, subscribe to my channel you will have easy access to me, thank you.