hello how about anonymous technology I bring you a new video in which
will explain how to organize the information about your team by sharing it
with other people since we’re going to use the functions of the system
to manage users in theory will be taught to create users
in our operating system or also delete user accounts this is a
great advantage in sharing your team with other users for the reason that we can
use separate user accounts and to be able to manage them, we have to be
within an administrator account at access the administrator account
we do the following we go to the home button on the home button
enter configuration [Music]
in conspiracy we seek the option that says accounts
in mind we address family and other customers
then this window will show us other users and tells us the information
add another person to this team we click we wait a moment
and it will indicate to us that we can create a account by creating a
Microsoft, but in this case we’ll make it a local account, then we’ll
we’ll give you no data attached session [Music]
and add a user without a microsoft account then here will tell us who’s going to
use our equipment either our mom, brother, dad let’s say the
name, so to say it has been a example user or guest
and we assign you a password we retype it and he says in this case don’t forget the
password is going to give us some you ask in case the
passwords we forget will tell us that provided the answer to the
questions then the first answer than to say what is the name of
your first pet an example let’s say susi so to speak second question what’s your nickname for
childhood good how they call me JEFFO [Music]
and finally what’s the name of the first good school there are other questions, but
you choose the one that suits you best and what’s the name of the first school
let’s say good school victory, I do not know victory and we give him next even though it says the password doesn’t
coincide we now correct it as follows
As we can see here, the user that we have just
perform as name: user then here it tells us the option for
being able to change the type of account can now be with my administrator account a
standard user and here let’s say we select
as an administrator this person is person is going to be able to make a change
everything on this computer how to create users create
modifications change in our team and as a standard user you’re not going to get
eos privileges as it has to be as an administrator account in order to
make those changes then we’re going to use it as a standard account
then how can you here already be the user and if what we want is
delete an account we will proceed with the next step, right here the same
window where they are in family and other users we give in the option to remove
here will remove all the data that are in that account either
documents music if the person let’s say he downloaded his files or saved his
files something yes and here will give us the option to delete account and data, we give
delete account whenever we make changes or
let’s delete user accounts is recommended to restart our
computer for our team to do a memory wipe and optimize the
available resources, well that would be all of this video I hope you have
like it and see you till the next video bye-bye