it’s the CBO’s replacement continues you could just play me boss it’s the Coutinho effect Amelia not the cred factor well I hasn’t stopped you picking job Wow I’m flattered this way you want to play a little code because it would guarantee me and move to Barcelona Vanja Della Valle sign emo watch a chance we are who the hell is this guy [Music] [Applause] [Applause] from from her boss you asked me to do some tapping go Schmidty keep it down huh that’s exactly what he screams at me every day in thrill and did you sorted yes the next contest Chester Zoo [Music] but the hell James you said to get Lima I said get Lamar James Lamar what’s this wonder why it’s gonna fall out [Music] [Applause] Sorry mate whoa [Laughter] Alexis from North London no more self American measured wrong outer space no more floor average Germans who run down their contracts terror Robert read no more in your report there’s a nice rich you better watch advice Marco James is that Alima wearing a llama mask narrow James no it’s Lamar from Monaco James have I let you down before 20 times 20 times Mannion night yeah [Applause] [Music] Harry from Walters don’t welcome king of what of Spore but he said they said he’s the king of score and the king of what he said he’s the king of Starling Oh scoring ha ha at last somebody I can understand you’re through to the next round what I said you’re through to the next round part where you throw some action bar colonics are a few concurrently are orange row things yes I can guarantee that you will win trophies [Applause] Oh Cristiano fraud my friend broken into two dreadfully average midfielders where enchant me hey I would love to single-handedly win your shitty little Club every title after all this year’s great and I would love to single-handedly led him to Champions League Glory’s great and score aiming you score in the Champions League final then called topless naturally but sadly I’m only here to tell you that Real Madrid have just signed Morse Allah oh Jesus Christ I’m sorry oh Jesus Christ [Music] what was that 2002 [Laughter] [Music]