Milk time Naughty cat Milk It has become active day by day The space of the sliding door when the cage is brought to the wall If you keep this, your arms will break Take measures I’m sorry, please come out a little 「Mi」in Japanese 「Lu」in Japanese 「He!?」in Japanese(Turn to become a Ku) Made by my daughter I will modify the shelf I was interested in Play anything Playing over there because it’s dangerous A board that was too high to climb Changed from the original place The position of the bracket did not match Is it stable? On the back, Plastic cardboard was fastened with a cable tie It was still in the way It ’s a little more so go over there Forced entrainment And complete! Looks like you can’t put your hands out I can sleep with peace of mind Peace of mind And I think Don’t chew If you’re there, you’ll be caught with your body this time We must prevent intrusion Please subscribe