[Applause] first God from heaven Louie frog Uruguay dental health too much wealth issues and he cut truth I know right he couldn’t even score past carriers stop stating the in front of the millions watching that all this decision the Champions League final Neymar jr. from Brazil if this would be like an extent in football it’s cheating good good you’re supposed to be at home with your partner and your baby oh yes but your application form says you’ve seen them and you don’t have any kids what your best be going have to get that four best time mr. Gallagher charged from medicine from Uruguay I’m afraid Real Madrid do not have a women’s team [Applause] that will be 200 million pounds place twice per volume of cr7 about 200 million for hazard and welcome to the stage disputed for Roma then parcel or locally I got there just in time before he signed the contract screw you parcel Emma Syria atrocious here I come but only searchers do what you have bolted for ass right now toast replacement comment below and check out part one of the cr7 factor now [Music]