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About my Broken Camera

Q: Why send my camera to Teleplan Camera Repair?
A: Because we will fix it. Our technicians have years of experience working with digital cameras. It is rare that we come across a problem we have not seen before but if we do, we will seek advice and fix it right the first time.

Q: Can I fix it myself?
A: We usually advise against this as most of the time a camera is broken it is either due to a component problem on the main board or some sort of mechanical issue that results in a part that is needed. Teleplan Camera Repair has the resources to purchase those parts for your camera. Just like trying to fix your car, sure you may be able to figure it out however unlike a car the parts used in a digital camera are usually very small which requires special tooling which we have


About your service

Q: Is the quote you give me final?
A: Yes, the quote on our system includes parts, labor and ground return service. If for any reason we cannot fix your camera due to a part that is obsolete, we will refund your money and only charge for shipping the camera back to you.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes, All of our work is guaranteed for 90 days from the time of repair. If you have a problem with your camera after we have returned it, contact us at and one of our customer service reps will be in contact with you within 24 hours for next steps.

Q: Why are the camera repair services provided by better than a local camera repair shop?
A: Volume, because we are internet based, we see a large number of cameras on a weekly/monthly basis. That taken with the fact that we have been fixing cameras for many years now means we have the skill set. Also, due to our volume and ability to buy a higher quantity of parts, we get volume discounts which allows us to offer pricing that is about 20% (on average) lower than our competitors

All other questions should be directed to our Contact us link where a e-mail will be sent to us.

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